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    This is the way my family has done it for 4 generations. If you are fortunate enough to know some one who works in a chicken processing plant get your self 2 gallons of blood. After you let the blood set for a while it will make a big clot. Get your self a couple of saw horses and 2 4x8 sheets of plywood. Make a table with the horses and one sheet of plywood. Rig your table on about a 10 degree slope. cover your table with wax paper and spread the blood clot out about 1/4 inch thick on the table. After the blood is spread out sprinkle liberaly with non iodized salt. Sprinkle liberaly with brown sugar.
    Spread 1 bag of minuature marshmellows over blood bait. Your table should be set up in the shade and it should be warm out side. Do not try this in direct sun , it will not work. Let the bait set until it starts to form a skin on top of the bait. Now take wax paper and cover the bait. Place the other sheet of ply wood on top of the bait. Get your self a helper and rotate the table so the side without salt and suger is now up. Expose the bait and sprinkle with liberal amounts of salt and brown suger. Let set til bait forms a skin on it. Flip and dry the bait 2 more times. Your bait will start to toughen up after the 3rd time you flip it. The 10 degree slope on the table lets excess liquid drain. There will be less and less drainage each time you flip the bait. After you have dried each side 3 or 4 times the bait should be drie enough to cut into strips. We cut our strips 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide and about 6 inches long. We place the strips in 1 gallon plastic ice cream tubs. Place strips side by side in the bottom of the tub. Alternate layers of strips at 90 degrees. This bait probably won't win any catfish tournaments but it will fill your ice chest with channel catfish. It works best drifted in light to moderat current useing trebel hooks. if made correctly you can lob cast it from the shore with trebles but it will sling off if you use j style hooks. you should be able to start your bait about 8 in the morning and finish up around 5 in the afternoon. i know it sounds like a lot of effort for bait but you won't find anything even close to this at the store. with the possiable exception of Danny kings punch bait which is great bait. Try it you'll like it.