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    north carolina
    Anyone know any good blood bait recipes for catfish, heard of people using this kind of bait out west.
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    Gary Texas
    I have used Blood bait for years. Works really well in some lakes. When I get my blood, I put it in the refrigerator until it coagulates. Get a piece of plywood, a sack of animal feed salt, may need two sacks. Pour a layer of salt on the plywood about 1 ½ to 2 inches thick. Take the blood our and pour the liquid off the blood. Slice the congealed blood into the thickness you like. Remember it is going to shrink alot. Lay slices on top of salt. Pour salt on top of blood, thick. Cover it very well with salt. Make sure it is not rained on. May take two weeks or longer depends on how hard you want it. After it is cured, I cut it into squares and put it into butter containers along with anise oil. Hope this help you.
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    Will blood bait fish on circle hooks or do you really need trebles?
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    Most folks that I have seen use trebles Colt, but if you cure it enough you can use circles and I have used Kahles successfully.If you want to drift then a treble will probably hold the bait best.If I remember right the Nebraska boys used blood frozen then let it defrost slightly ,punched a hole thru it with a wooden dowel then thredded a treble with a leader thru it.They were drifting and caught 600+ lbs in a Santee tournament.No question blood is effective but the mess and smell are terrible and that seems to ruin the fishing experience for me.One boat I saw last year looked like a slaughter pen after a days fishing with blood.By the time you aquire it ,cure it, then the hassle of fishing with it,I just stick with fresh bait.:big_smile:
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    Fresh blood is also good if you soak some cut bait in it...sounds rather obvious, but most folks just bait up with fresh cutbait, forgetting that some additional blood makes a big difference.