Blind Man Hunts again!! (NEAT STORY)

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    Brent Neeser was given another chance to hunt again recently thanks to
    the love of his father, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    (DNR) and Capable Partners, a Minnesota non-profit organization
    dedicated to creating accessible outdoor opportunities for the
    physically challenged.

    Declared legally blind since his mid-20s, the 37-year-old Andover man
    participated in the first vision impaired deer hunt, Oct. 14-22, at the
    Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area near Cambridge.

    "It was a very emotional experience for me to see Brent, who once had
    sight, lose his sight, and then gain back some of his independence by
    doing something he enjoyed so much in the past," said his father, Dave
    Neeser of St. Cloud.

    State statute allows a hunter with sight to assist a visually impaired
    hunter with using a firearm to take a deer during a specially permitted
    hunt. Using a laser guided scope, the hunter with sight gives the
    direction of the deer and tells the visually impaired hunter when to
    pull the trigger.

    Brent, who works for the Veterans Administration, regularly hunted with
    his father from age 12 to his mid-20s when he began to slowly loose his
    sight from a retina disease.

    "The fall became a difficult time of the year for me because I could no
    longer hunt," Brent said. "I still went along with dad when he hunted,
    but it just wasn't the same."

    Dave sensed his son's loss and went about finding a way to get him
    afield again. He contacted the DNR, which directed him to Capable
    Partners. They went about setting up a special deer hunt for the
    physically impaired.

    Early on Oct.14, the Neeser's and19 other physically impaired hunters
    headed to the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area. Capable Partners
    provided a hunter orientation session before the participants made their
    way to their deer stands.
    Father and son were hunting together again.

    "We sat in the stand with dad behind me to call out the direction of
    any deer crossing our path," a still excited Brent recounted. "I joke
    with dad that I can hear but can't see, while he can see but can't hear.
    He soon pointed out a deer 35-40 yards directly in front of us."

    Dave quickly scooted behind his son calling out the direction of the
    deer. Brent trained the laser bead from the gun's scope and pulled the
    trigger hitting the deer in the shoulder. The 6-point buck ran for a
    short distance. Brent was disappointed after an initial search in the
    area found nothing.

    "It was an emotional rollercoaster, a real downer when we couldn't find
    him," Brent said.

    But after another search, Dave found the buck.

    "I jumped in the air when he said he found him," Brent said. "I was on
    cloud nine, and I'm still on cloud nine thanks to my father, the DNR,
    Capable Partners and a very generous Pine River gunsmith who provided
    the 20-gauge shotgun and mounted the laser at cost."
    Neeser's deer was among the 19 harvested that

    The Neeser's hope the special hunt was a success for everyone who
    participated, whether they took a deer or not. Their hope is if it was,
    it would provide an opportunity for physically challenged hunters to
    participate in future regular firearm deer seasons, and other hunting

    "I lost so much when I lost my sight and could no longer hunt,
    especially losing that special bond between a father and son or daughter
    who hunt together," Brent said. "But being able to hunt again has been
    tremendous, improving my confidence in everything I do. It's great to
    have a second shot at hunting."
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    Wow; that is cool! Thanks for sharing.:big_smile:

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    thats cool that theres people out there that can make that kind of stuff happen. indiana just started a hunting season for physicly challenged hunters, i believe not to long ago.
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    That is a great story Clayton,Thx for sharing.

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    excellent story thanks for sharing
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    Absolutly awsome, thanks for taking the time to post this so we all can enjoy the read.
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    .Great story thanks for the read bro
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    thought you guys would enjoy that one.:smile2: