Blewitt falls 10/20/06

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    went friday night and stayed all night.. caught some really nice bait.. took a lot of time scouting for big fish with my fish finder.. finally set up .. fished and the fish were just not doing any thing.. scouted some more, set up and still nothing.. on both locations i marked really good fish.. the hunt was on , i found a place that had some really nice fish and a good quanty of fish.. i set up here and started fishing and napped off and finally at about 2 am. finally a rod went down a nice blue , after that between 2 am and 5 am. i caught 12 fish betrween 9 lbs and 18 lbs the biggest was a flat head ,, all off that same location.. after that location i went scouting at about 5.30 am in the lower lake and did not find any big concetrations of big fish .. so that was my trip..

    good luck and have fun doing iot..

    strike zone sport fishing..
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    Sounds like a good night after all!