Blewett Falls fishing report 7-7-07

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    Hey, me and my boy went out yesterday around sunup and fished the upper end of the lake, above the rock shoals, and got bit a couple of times, but we broke both off in the rocks. Did alot of looking, and plan ole goofing off mostly. If anyone here has ever fished Blewett falls you have probably heard don't go to far up river or you could be buying a new prop. Well I found alot more rocks than i did fish lets leave it at that. I want to learn this area better, because of the current and frequent holes you run across that just screaM FLATHEAD! By holes i mean normall water runs 6-10' then your depth finder will drop to 18-22' then back to 6' in a 20' run. What impresses me the most is that only fisherman go up there, no jet skis, no pleasure boats, makes for pretty good fishing. Planning on entering a tournament here end of August, could say I'm prefishing. See ya!