Blewett Falls 5-30-09

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  1. dearl

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    North Carolina
    Man the water is up, hadn't been this way in a while. Went this morning, caught 9 all together biggest was a 25lb. blue, plenty of eating size fish. Didn't keep any this time. Fish seemed to favor cut shad over live bait. They bit real good from 8 a.m. till 10 then it tapered off fast. My son and his buddy went with me, they had a blast. I hope the water is down some before the tournament next friday, had a hard time keeping the boat were I wanted it. I will probalby try to fish again first of next week after the water drops alittle.
  2. PeeDee Cat

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    Wanted to fish the PeeDee down river in SC but it has a little to much water. 19ft. today suppose to crest sunday at 21ft. I feel sure it will receed next week it is not suppose to rain until thursday if we get any rain at all. Good luck in the tournament next friday should be a real good turn out I will more and likely go to the weigh in.