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    Travelers Rest,
    I'm happy and you-know-what, y'all. I went to Greenwood last night to fish with the wife and young'uns. It was my oldest son's birthday weekend (he turned 16 on Sat. 6th) and that's what he wanted to do. That's daddy's boy! Anyway, the past few trips, they've sucked. No fish....not even a nibble. Last night was turning out to be the same way. We sat for about 3hrs while the white bass stole bait left and right. Usually, when I'm not catching anything, I get antsy and start pacing, because I'm one these that believes if you get up, take your mind off of the fish, then the big one might swim up and get hungry (I know, weirdness abounds in my world).

    I just finished my laps around the pier and sat down to find that I had no bait. So, I rebaited and threw back out, waiting on Mr. Kitty. Sat for an HOUR AND A HALF! Long time to wait, but worth it, considering that I can count on two hands the number of fish I've caught all summer. The rod tip started bouncing, then started walking away! I thought, "Oh dang, I better get off my fat butt and get this fish!" I reared back and the fight was on! Like pulling a car off the bottom. Now, you're thinking, "I bet he landed a 40lb blue." Nope. 2lb channel, BUT....I still consider it a blessing because it was the first fish in Lord-knows-how-long. Hey y'all! Lookee here! I got me a fish! Only fish of the night, so I practiced CR (no P, no camera). Somebody was smiling on me last night.....
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    Great story, Glad ya had a great time with the family. Its time well spent and will make lasting memories.

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    a fish is a fish especially if it fights.