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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Poppa, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I have read all the posts on Billies thread on Blaze Orange and would
    like to add something. I started a new thread because I think its important
    and I believe more people would see it. Blaze orange is only good in the
    daylight or if you shine a light on it. In low light or dark it turns gray.
    Where I hunt there is a lot of sand. On nights with a moon I could walk
    to my truck on the sandy roads with out a light. Even though I know where
    all our people are and I trust them as safe hunters I always use a light.
    It does not have to be a big light, Just show a light. You never know when
    some idiot might be tresspassing on your property.
  2. Paraguayguy

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    You are so right Poppa. :sad2:

    I keep my LED Cap light on walking to and from my tree stands on private property where I am supposed to be the only guy around. I could find my stands blind I have hunted them so many years but I am terrified about getting shot. Light stays on.

  3. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Ol' Poppa wont lead us have a very valid point. it's not always the ones that you are with and know are there that are the problems, most of the times its the ones that aren't there that are issue....
  4. Cathooker

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    Great post....I do the same thing in low light conditions...shine that light.
  5. flathead willie

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    I do that too. I always have at least two small flashlights and a head lamp with me. The one I am using now has one red light setting and three white light settings. I use the red light, like I did this morning, to put out my scent canisters in the dark. I've heard that deer can't see a red light. Coming out at night, I have a white light on my hat and a flashlight in my hand.
  6. plainsman

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    I carry a small flashlight but never used it. I got a cap light this year, but didn't get to hunt. I recall one time I went down the trail, it was dark, but lots of snow, just overcast, legal shooting time and I thought I saw a deer on the trail up ahead. I couldn't see well enough to take a shot so I figured not a good idea to shoot. No other cars in the parking lot, but private land to the south, maybe the owner was out moving. I didn't shoot, and when we got to the area there were no tracks. Glad I didn't shoot. Even if I thought it coulda been a nice one, just not worth a mistake. My brother in law carries a light on the way to his stand, and usually there is no one else hunting there. Good idea.