Blanket reply to emails/PMs- Where's Sal been?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by sal_jr, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Ithaca, MI
    First of all,

    I am flattered that anyone would go outta their way to hunt me down in my absence. For that, I thank you. The fact that a fellow feels obligated to explain why he is not talking as much these days, is a testament to the devotion I feel to this brotherhood. The BOC is surely a place I love hanging out at for that very reason- the fact that no matter who you are or where, you always have a legion of friends willing to help, to offer prayers, support, and aid for any need, at any time. This is a golden place- and I am proud to have a BOC sticker on my truck, and tell the world where they can find you all. I am proud to know those of you that I exchange messages, threads, and PMs with. I found the one true website of fishing and of friendships- what else really matters on the internet after that?!?! The BOC is my earthly refuge that ANYONE can call their own.

    Secondly, I am not sick, nor hurt, nor angry, nor upset- and yes I did find a great honey hole this past weekend, but for walleye, not catfish (40 on the line, 15 boated in 3 hours).
    I have survived a HUGE shakeup at work is all and I have been covering for many managers, and Customer service reps until we hire some more staff. I also have been finally relieving myself of the throes of winter and doing a lot of work around the house- the honeydo list is never done, and I do for my honey cause my honey does for me. You all know that about me... Im my wife's #1 fan.

    Something in my life had to give to make all of the new load possible... so I dropped out of the BOC for a little while till life gats a bit less hectic, till my garden gets set up, till work hires new staff... it all just fell at one time. I promise I will be back. The likelihood is that I will not be back in force as I used to be- primarily because if I get the new promotion I want, I will be responsible for a shop that is financially 30 times larger than the shop I am at now. If I dont get the promotion, I will be back a lot heavier in the fall, as summer is better spent outdoors, and my laptop doesnt get wireless internet in the swamp. LOL

    I wish you well- Dont you all turn republican while Im gone and change this site to the GOP-BOC, or the BOC-GOP, cause that would be BS and I'd surely go AWOL then, OK?!?!? Remember- Dummies do it better!!!! ROTFL

    I will post and I will be around just about every day
    , I just dont have much time to post and play as I did just 3 weeks ago.

    Respectfully, ;)

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    When the Queen is happy the King is happy.

  3. TDawgNOk

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    Glad to hear from ya Sal, I was about ready to PM you to try and find ya!

    Honey do's are very important, I myself, have a ton of them to do.

    As far as work goes, brother, you know I'm praying for you to get the promotion that you so richly deserve. I know it will make things a little easier on both you, and yer "honey".

    Keep in touch and don't let a old dawg stay in the dark so long.
  4. Gator

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    Sal I hope it get's better for you brother. I know it is hard at time but if any one can take it and bounce back you my friend are the one. prayers and thoughs are with you.
  5. H2O Mellon

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    Sounds liek your busy man! Have fun getting caught up w. everything, but please, please, please dont turn into an "Eye Guy". :p