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  1. ToonCat

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    Tega Cay SC
    I'm looking at some property on the Black River in Williamsburg county not too far from Kingstree near Salters SC. Obviously, a prime question to ask is, How's the fishing there? Anybody done any fishing in this end of the Black? Catfishing, bream, anything? Thanks
  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    Steve, there's good fishing to be had up there, susceptible to rain or heavy dew upcountry making the river rise rapidly at times. :big_smile: Access is somewhat limited as far as public ramps, and the river along there is a designated "Scenic River". Very nice through there; lots of shallow, narrow areas and sandbars. Anything much bigger than a canoe or jon boat is pretty much useless. If you're looking at property with river access, it may be a good deal for you.
    I haven't fished up there in years, but there should be plenty of good fishing, especially for redbreast and bream; should also be plenty of catfish, but mostly what I've caught up that way is channels with a few flatheads thrown in. I'm sure there are some blues up that far, too.

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    Steve I know that is some of the best duck hunting in the state there and it is one beatiful river. I went over it in andrews today and that sure is a nice looking river. I hope everything works out for you Steve.