Black River Channel catfish

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    My buddy and I fish the East Branch Black River out in the farm country. Homerville to Lagrange. We love catching those bruiser carp and fighting them chest deep in water.(You have to wade out and untangle your line all the time). Untill recently, the only cats we ever caught were yellow bullies. Two Sundays ago I pulled a five pound channel cat out of one of my favorite holes.(Penfield Twp.) I haven't had a chance to go back and see if there were any more, yet. But it really has me thinking, I wonder if there are quite a few channels above the dams, or if that cat was a rare find. And if there are Channel cats, are there Flatties too? I intend to go back to that hole with some catfish bait and some big, live chubs and find out. Has anyone else ever caught any cats upstream? By upstream I mean East or West branch anywhere above the dams in Elyria. Thanks