Black River 7/22

Discussion in 'ARKANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Arkie55, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Arkie55

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    Just got home from the river. I didn't fish this morning because I was exhusted from the trip to Carbondale but I did manage to get everything put away and honey do's done by 1:00 pm. I loaded up, ate lunch and was on my first hole by 2:30. Caught my first fish at 3:45. It was a 12lb Blue. Caught two small flatheads around 2lb each around 4:30. Caught a pretty good channel of about 7lbs around 5:30. Only four I caught. Released the two small Flats and put the fillet knife to the blue and the channel. All in all not a bad day considering the post front conditions and the color of the water. I'll take it.
  2. Ahquabi_Master

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    WDM Iowa
    That definitely sounds like a good day to me brother. I wish I could tell a story like that right about now. Congrats on your catches.

  3. Cause They're Big

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    Good job Arkie. I feel a trip to the Black River comin' on.