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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Kittycatcher, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Kittycatcher

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    Well, as everybody knows that I became a proud owner of the first BOC Black and Blue rod on the First Rod Contest. I have had this rod for almost a year. I have caught alot of catfish that range in the 20 to 40 lbs catfish. Infact my biggest flathead that weighted 38lbs 13oz was caught on this rod, it has alot of backbone but yet a sensitive tip. This flathead did not want to come off the bottom of the river and I had about 2 1/2 mile and hour current to fight too! Well I had one of the guides on this rod break. Randy ask me to send it back to him so that he could repair it. He did repair this rod, infact he replaced all the guides on the rod and had it back in my hand to fish with in least than two weeks. Randy you have a very good rod and your customer service is outstanding in my book. Thank you for being part of the Brotherhood of Catfisherman and may you propsher in you rod business.
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    I'm also a proud owner of a Black and Blue Custom Rod. Randy builds awesome rods and made mine perfectly to the specs I wanted. Keep up the good work and I'll be looking forward to doing business with you in the near future!!:big_smile:

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    Congrats on a nice rod.
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    Sounds like some nice rods and all who have seem to like them. May have to give them a whirl. Been looking for a rod that can be used in several different situations ... flathead fishing and drift fishing mainly. Sounds like these may be them!
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    I just got one of these rods myself and it seems to be VERY nice! Randy is also very easy to deal with also!:big_smile:
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    Sounds like a great deal to me. When I'm able to get a custom rod, It'll be one of Randy's for sure.:wink::cool2:
    Thanks for the info!!!:big_smile:
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    If Your Serious and Fish for Trophy flats and Blues The investment of adding one of Randys rods to your Arsonal is a step in the Right direction.It will handle Any Cat that swims in any water you fish.I purchased one of Randys rods last year and it is all its cracked up to be in this Mans mind.I Highly Reccomend his Rods.I Can't figure out how someone so Ugly can Build Rods So Perty !!!! LOL :wink: J.D.

    Sorry Randy Coulden't resist :beat_brick:
    Your Friend
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    I am proud to be sponsored by Black and Blue. Randy is such a skilled craftman and fisherman!! Randy puts his heart into all his products and like others have said his rods are like art. I have been fishing with his custom rods this tourney season and could not be more pleased. This guy will custom fit a rod for every style of catfishing and these rods are the most durable rods I've ever used. Believe me I abuse his rods!!! From being hauled in back of the car, truck and boat too being stepped on in the bottom of the boat these rods have stood my test and have been flawless.
    Very few rod builders take the effort to use the very best quality guides, blanks, reel seats and even thread that Randy does. The procedures that Randy takes in constructing these rods most rodbuilders say is not needed or is overkill but he is old school and builds them like a tank with proven methods no matter how long it takes. As always Randy stands behind his products 100% and will guarantee them like no other!
    I've have the opportunity to test his custom and production rods against other custom and production rods and his rods out preformed them by 100%. No broken or broken off eyes after being stomped in the floor. :) I couldn't break his rods after tying them to the bench and bending them until I couldn't bend them any further! The other rods snapped the tips or broke off at the handles. Believe me they were put threw the ringer and the outcome is the best rod money can buy!!! Go to Black and Blue Tackle and order your new custom or custom production rod. You be glad you did!

    BPS Pro Staff
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    I would get a custom rod I just wish they made them longer...I use rods 12-14ft long.