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    Am wanting a custum rod and dont know which to choose, willing to pay more for the graphics from black and blue but are the rods basically made of the same quality material?

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    Steve, you might should have PM'd Randy and Steve to ask them about their rods so you could compare. I hope this doesn't turn into one of those Chevy vs. Ford things.

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    Catfish safari rods are not custom made rods. It really depends on what you want the rod to be like. I think Catfish Safari rods come in 4 different types. I don't own one but I hear they are a fairly good rod.
    I can tell you that, Black and blue rods are some of the finest (working) works of art that i have seen in a while. I own one of them and I can't begin to tell you how I like this rod. I have some more on the way and I can't wait to get them.



    Yea I should have added that I was wanting mor of a saltwater/snagging rod,
    pm'd black n blue and awaiting a response as to how beefy of rod he can get.

    p.s CHEVY BABY!!!! LOL!!!!
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    c'mon JW "Fairly good"????

    The Catfish Safari Rods are excellent quality rods, Steve Brown does everything 1st class. Now they are not custom made rods but are of similar quality to any custom I've ever laid My hands on, just at a much better price. The rods are made right here in the USA and are usally avaliable to ship right away.

    Randy at Black and Blue makes some amazingly cool looking rods. I have not had the pleasure of checking out one of his rods yet in person, but I'm sure they are of good quality materials. A lot of our BOC brothers love them, many of whom I hold thier opinion in high regard. Unfortunatly I think Randys waiting list is quite long.

    Another option definatly worth considering is the Rod Shop. This is another top shelf quality option.
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    i've got 6 black and blues comming soon.but i made a call to a friend that has some and he loves them. but i also heard the safari rods are great to. if you want nice rods and a name and a nice wrap go with randy. but it's your chioce. the safari rods look great to but you don't get the custom looks you pick out. you just pick a type out
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    Pics Pics Pics lets see them.

    Good pics and not ones from so far away it looks like a yellow stick or a black stick....up close and in focus of handle, guides and wraps.

    Show them of so the rest of us can drool :dribble:
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    are they as good as GATORs custom rods? I haven't heard about his lately
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    Catfishsafari or Black and Blue.

    It's not really a fair comparison. I have a very high quality " off the shelf " rod that fits most catfishermans needs. Randy can do whatever you want and then some.

    Sometime look at some of his post and check out his work it's awsome. However not all catfisherman need that. I personally will own some of his rods someday and display them downstairs in our bed and breakfast. For one I like to show people how far catfishing has come.

    It's nice to know there's a need in this sport for custom rod builders like Randy at black and blue or Tom at the rod shop. I think it comes down to personal preference. None of the rods are cheap so do your homework before you buy.

    Thanks.. Good luck...


    I know what you mean with Randys rods i would almost be scared to fish with it, on the other hand your flathead rod is looking very tempting as well, I will be ordering one or two of those soon, I will give my wife yours and Randys #'s so she can tell you guys why we sold the house LOL!!! THANKS STEVE,

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    i will have 4 catfish safari rods soon and i will let you know how they do.. but i really like what i have seen so far....
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    John how much do they cost if you dont mind telling.
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    Roger, Black and Blue Tackle and Custom Rods and Catfishsafari Tackle and Fishing Rods are both sponsors of the BOC. You can find them listed in the forum jump under "BOC Sponsors". Here are the links to rod pricing for your convenience.
    (Standard rod pricing on the main page; second icon at top left takes you to custom rod pictures)
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    Dear Brothers and Sisters;
    Sister Tanya is correct and I would like to expand on her post a bit.
    Choosing a rod, especially for us "BOC PRO'S" is a very personal experience!
    Certainly we should give our Sponsors First Choice. Be sure you write everything down that your wanting for your rod. Looks, style, weight, Wraps/Weaving, ect, are but just a very few things to be considered overall.
    I believe Our Sponsors are honest enough that if you email them your requirements they can tell you if what your asking for is within their skills and abilities. If not, they will tell you and perhaps even refer you to someone that can deliver everything you want, or, they may have other possibilities for you to consider. Either way, Both of you, the Rod Builder and Yourself MUST be in 100% agreement before any work is done or any money changes hands! Take a moment and read that again to make sure you don't forget that one very important part!
    No one person {Rod Builder} can "Do it All" in these 21st Century days! Some may come close, but that's as good as it gets. Does that make them unworthy? Certainly NOT! Our world is becoming so complex and diversified that just about any subject you choose to mention there are specialties within that subject! Some rod builders for example, will build only bamboo fly rods and nothing else. Some will work only with graphite and other high end materials. Some will only make trout rods. Some ... well you get the picture.
    It seems to me that we have two sponsors [at this time of post] that both make "Catfish Rods" but have different "offerings", each with their own specialties of what they consider the "Ideal" Cat Rod to be.
    My suggestion to you future rod purchasers would be as follows.
    1. Talk to the other Brothers and Sisters about which rod they have, why they choose that particular rod and maker, what they like, what they perhaps don't like or would change if given the choice.
    2. Then, contact each Sponsor, being very specific in your wants and needs. If one, or both, of the Sponsors are hesitant on a particular feature, or if they tell you they cannot do something your asking for, HEED THEM! If they have options for you to consider, the CONSIDER THEM! No Rod Builder worth their salt, wants an unhappy customer! Even though it's impossible nowadays, they want to make everyone happy! After all, positive word of mouth advertising is some of the best, and cheapest, advertising you can get. Same goes in the other direction if their customers are not happy too!
    While your at it, try not to haggle on price! Our Sponsors are already giving us BOC folks a better and special price. This means they are probably cutting their profit margin down to almost nothing and certainly under "Cost Plus 10". Like many other things you buy in life, you get what you pay for and if your like me, hoping to catch that next world record, a few dollars one way or another, especially when you consider the cost of your boat, operating expenses, ect, won't make much of a difference if any. I promise you, if your the one that gets the next World Record, or even State Record, your Rod Builder will be almost as happy { say 99% out of your 100% happy } as you will be when your name goes into the record books!
    3. After you have weighed all of the Pro's and Con's of each Rod Maker and decide what is best for you, contact the maker and get things set up and on a time schedule. At this time, also be ready to send your deposit to the Rod Maker. Make sure, probably in writing these days, that you both understand exactly what your getting for your money, how long it will be before you get your rod, if shipping, handling and insurance, is included in the price or is separate, ect.
    Keep everything as simple as possible but make sure that you both are speaking the same language!
    4. As your delivery date nears you might want to contact the Rod Builder and see if he/she is still on schedule. Or, the Builder may call or email you. Either way, you should know when the Rod will be shipped and when you should expect it to arrive. Make sure you both know how the rod will be shipped. Make all the necessary arrangements so that the rod will be delivered on time and be there to sign for it, or have your wife, husband, or other responsible adult there to sign if a signature is needed! With me, all of my suppliers know I have a "Signature Waver" on file but they will still knock on the door if they see my truck in the driveway. My wife's annual homemade cookies during the holiday season has something to do with that too! :wink:
    Upon receipt of your rod, CAREFULLY "unwrap" the package. Hopefully no damage has been done during shipping.
    However, if there is damage, touch nothing else and IMMEDIATELY notify the shipper and the Rod Builder! Your Rod Builder will do whatever they can on their end to help you with dealing with the shipper. At this time it would also be wise, especially if you have a good 35mm camera to take several photographs of the damage and date the photos too. My Professional 35mm has options to where I can put the date of the photograph in several areas on the film, yours may not have this feature. Be careful of using digital photographs! Many, not all, but many are NOT of the quality of the higher end digitals and film cameras. You can't expect a $50 "wally world" special to out preform a $2500 professional grade camera!!
    Anyway, lets say for brevity, that your Rod arrives in good condition. Carefully, very carefully, look it over from "Head to Tail" just to make sure there is no damage and to make sure all of the "appointments" you have paid for are on the rod.
    5. Take a few minutes and call, on the phone, your Rod Maker and let them know that your Rod arrived in sound condition with no damage. This will put the Rod Builders nerves at ease. Then let them know your going to go "play" with your rod and will get back to them sometime in the new future.
    Then put your reel on the Rod, take it out in the yard, or somewhere, and "Play" with it for a few minutes. I say a few minutes but if your like me it will take more than just a "few minutes" to play with your new rod.
    At this point, follow up with either a phone call, email, fax, PM, or something and if the rod preforms like you expected, praise the Rod Builder. He, or she, will share your enthusiasm and will sleep better than night knowing they did good and now have another happy customer.
    I realize this has been a bit long-winded, as are many of my posts, but I have had that "Very Negative" experience with a Rod Builder {the name will not be posted as this is not the place} and the information I am passing along with this post, while not all inclusive, will certainly help many of you to avoid the pitfalls that I encountered and that is the purpose of my long winded dissertation.
    Here is hoping this helps everyone that is buying a Custom Rod, thinking about doing so, or has done so and had the very negative experience that I had to deal with and are, shall we say, "soured" on Custom Rods. Please remember that just because you have a negative experience with one Rod Maker, does not mean that you are forever doomed to dealing with poor, unreputable, Rod Makers. As will all things nowadays, "Let The Buyer Beware".
    Be Careful, Take Your Time, Keep Everything In Writing, even though it's slower it's also SAFER, and Talk/Communicate with your Rod Builder and you should not have any trouble when it comes time to get that Custom Rod you have always dreamed of having in your hands when you get that State/World Record!:big_smile:
    [[[[[End of Post]]]]]
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    Don't leave out the Rod Shop in KC. Another one of the BOC sponsors, and builders of some very fine rods.
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    i think that Steve Brown and Catfish Safari has the finest rod a man can buy for under $100. This being said, i'm sure that there are rods out there that compare or might even surpass the CS rods, but i dont know how they would. CS rods have the power, durability, and a price that is right.
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    I have never been snagging before so I really don't know. Nor do I know what you are willing to pay for a rod. If I was just going after a snagging rod what about them ozark eagle claw snaggers the white rods you see. How ever I do own 4 rods from "The Rod Shop" and 5 rods from "Catfish Safari" both are equally great rods. They have there time and place where one is best suited over the other. With that said I'll be going snagging for the first time this year and I'm going to give a catfish safari channel cat rod a try. This rod is a bit on the light side when it comes to fighting fish over 20 pounds. Should be great fun though.