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Bite turned off after dark

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Got a question for y'all. My daughter and I fished a special little hole under a special little bridge on a special little arm of Truman Lake in Missouri. The bite was on good from about 5:30 until sunset, then it just some one turned off a switch. Any ideas why? We were using livers, store bought dip and some home-made brew and getting hits and hook-ups on all of 'em. But at sundown we might as well had gone home. Any ideas? We're pretty stumped. :confused:

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My guess is they moved up into the shallows to do some eatin. Next time before dark try settin up at a location that comes out of a hole to the shallows. Sorta like the path to the chow hall. LOL! Good luck to ya.
Well, that kinda makes sense. Now I have an excuse to go fishin' again :cool:

It happened to me, just as you explained. I pretty much found a new hole that was hot 530 thru midnight :cool: so problem solved.
But i think Kat is right, they just moved to feed....closer id assume.
First try the same spot, just alot closer to shore...then just find a night time hole.
Kat and mike are both right on this. nice answers brothers.
Thanks guys. I love this site! :wub:

I have never understood it but I fish a lake that shut off shortly after dark and doesn't start back up until dawn.

I have also noticed a definite slow down in hits during what we call the witching hour. Midnight to one o'clock.
Its the opposite down here atleast for me it was has been

I'll get a few bites when the sun is out but as soon as it turns into night the fish just turn on like a lightbulb

I'm fishing in an area of the lake where an old creek runs thru the marina so there is a creek channel in the middle and a slight sloping bank upwards to me with a few spots that are flat . Plenty of crappi brushes around the area too :D lots of gills and during the afternoon i see something chasing shad out in the middle of the channel
I have had this problem here on the Rock river. Just before it gets too dark to see the cats turn on for a short time and then nothing. I've tried moving around but it makes no difference. Than at daylight they start up again and I can catch them off and on all day. I cant figure it out
Now the Flatheads will hit the live bluegills on my bank poles at night when they are biting which hasn't been for about 4 weeks. So I am looking foreword to them starting up again.
Two other BOC brothers and I are going to give it a try tonight and in the morning and will report is successful. Schoe
It happens here too. I like to run at least two rods. One cast far from shore and one closer to shore in the shallows. Whichever area gets hit the most, I'll start fishing with both rods.
The bite here has had no pattern! Sometimes they bite at night, usally around 10 p.m to 11 p.m then nothing untill about 6:30 am. Friday night they didn't hit at all. Maybe the water here is to warm?
I say thats pretty weird. when im fishing pretty much the only time I get bites is after dark.
How deep were the waters that you were fishing?
I'm guessing the water is 12-15 feet in the channel. I had lines from there to about 3 ft. deep.

Okay guys,
I'm gonna be out of town all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I'll be back home Sunday evening in time to make it back to the fishing hole just after dark. If there is no activity then I'll try to move up the creek a bit to see if they just moved upstream to feed there. I'll post y'all Monday some time to let you know how it went.

Okay fellas,

We went back to my little secret spot. We arrived about 9 p.m. I could not get to the spot further up the creek 'cause it was occupied and while there may have been room I just don't like encroaching like that.

So, we sat by our little bridge all night. The bite was on when we got there, which it wasn't last time. It turned on and off every several hours or so. We fished almost all night...until the dew got too thick and we 'bout got hypothermia ('bout 4:30 a.m.). We ended up in the truck for a few hours of warm-up and shut-eye.

When the chill was gone and the eyelids didn't need propping open we were at it again...just a little before sun up. The bite was on and off a couple of times until just past noon when we had to leave.

They bit on livers, charlies blood and cheese and hog wild original. We ended up with 13 good eating cats. We fed a whole lot more our livers...they seemed to just suck them right off the hook. But it was fun.

Still ain't got the whole on and off thing figured out. Maybe I ain't supposed to. After all, it is fishing. Who has that all figured out?

Thanks for listening and for your input and ideas.

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You will catch alot more cats in this area if you use chum to attract them. You won't have as many times where they won't bite, either. A soured grain like cracked corn, milo, wheat or soybeans will work. Just sour it in a 5 gallon bucket and keep the water level an inch over the grain for a week, checking it every day. After the week, snap a lid on it and you'll be ready to fish in another week with it. God bless.
How do you disperse it?
I just throw it out with a coffee can in a 140 degree area that I'll be fishing. If you're fishing current, you'll want to just poke holes in the bucket and sink it with rope attached and fish around it. God bless.
Roger that Asasin, Thanks.
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