Bit of fishing Saturday afternoon

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    My wife was out of town for the weekend, so when i dropped son Ben off at a friend's house for the afternoon I decided to hit the river for a few hours.

    It was pretty slow, but I managed to pick up one small blue (about 3 pounds) and then got this nice channel (weighed at 13.5 pounds) on my last stop. We've all seen channels with fat stomachs, but this fish was thick all over. This was probably the fattest, healthiest looking channel I've even seen. I didn't measure the length, but I bet most fish her length would have been closer to 8 pounds. She bled a little from the hook wound, but swam off good and strong.

    I had a couple more hits there, but missed them. Not a bad few hours on the water. Beats sitting at home or doing yard work!

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  2. blackwaterkatz

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    It's good to see you out on the water and giving reports again, John. We'll be looking for the flattie reports before much longer. :smile2:

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    John at lease you are out fishing and catching something,, better than fishing on the enter net,, thats about all i can do right now.:smile2::cool2::wink::cool2:
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    Thanks, John, for the report and especially the pic.

    Gotta say, that pic threw me for a fraction of a second. With that body, fat all the way down, and the angle that the cat's whisker is cutting across his head in that photo, he lookes like a salmon there for a bit. Must be going cross-eyed from too much time in front of the computer monitor.:tounge_out:
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    John, that's a real healthy lookin' Channel. Thanks for sharing the picture.