Bird Watching!!

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    Most fishermen and women know, if they have been fishing for any length of time,that birds can show a fisherman where the fish are. A good white bass fisherman know that where the gulls are active on a lake or river, the white bass can be found, along with the stripers under these feeding gulls. Bass fishermen watch the storks on a log and see what he is catching. Bass will injure shad and other bait fish giving the bass fisherman an idea that ole bucket mouth is just below the water. Cat fishermen should watch another bird,this will be the cormorant, some people call this bird the water turkey. Water turkeys are shad eaters and gorge themselves upon the shad. Where does the shad go, in the poop. Cat fishermen should look for the water turkeys roost. These birds will poop all night long and the catfish will stack-up under these roost. Shad flavored stink bait should work well for catfish under these roost.