Bioluminescent earthworms!

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by KScatwoman, May 2, 2007.

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    I was carrying out the trash tonight, and noticed this odd greenish glow where I had been walking (it had been raining all day so the worms were out). I thought I was losing my mind, until I grabbed the flashlight to see what the heck was going on...

    The source? Little bioluminescent earthworms! I have never EVER seen earthworms that glow like this! They glow exactly like fireflies when disturbed (the slime they give off glows brilliantly, the worms themselves don't actually glow).

    I caught a couple and have them in a little sour cream container with a wad of moist sphagnum moss. Too bad the moon's out, as it's tough to spot them in the light of a full moon- I'd love to catch a ton of 'em. I'm hoping I can raise a bunch more, especially if they get large! I think they'd be a killer fish bait, especially for night fishing...

    Anyone out there with a worm bed? I need some advice on how to raise these things. All my other attempts to raise worms turned into a stinking mushy pile of yuck, and I would REALLY like to do this properly.
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    sorry, no help but I wonder what is making those worms glow?!?
    hope is safe for you. you don't live near a quimical plant or anything like that I hope, do you?

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    you may want to try to this for a worm bed. you will need as follows.
    1. container (large wooden, concrete, plastic box will work well. cardboard is not so good, trust me:embarassed: )
    2. some type of screen material.
    3. some medium-fine gravel
    4. potting soil
    5. moss
    6. manure
    7. drill with 1/4 inch bit

    get your container and turn it upside down. drill someholes in the bottom to allow for water drain off. remember you want to keep the soil moist not wet. if you dont drill your holes then the water will stay in the container and kill off all of your worms. once you have your holes drilled, lay your screen in the bottom to keep your worms from getting out. on top of that put a layer of gravel to assist in drainage. then put in your potting soil and manure (you can get these from walmart in the lawn and garden section).
    its best to use the black angus brand manure. doesnt smell and works great. mix up your potting soil and manure and put it in your container. on top of all of this put your moss. remember you want to keep your soil moist not wet, and the top layer of moss will help keep the soil from getting to dry. and then put another lyer of screen over the top of the container to keep your worms fro crawling out and to keep the bugs and birds out of your bed. about every 3 months or so you want to add a little more manure and potting soil and put on a new layer of moss. this will help keep the worms healthy and promote growth. hope this helps. i am sure there are alot better ideas out there but this has worked for me in the past. dont set it in direct sunlight as this will kill off every worm you put in there. you want to keep it in a cool environment.
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    chernobyl worms
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    Ever find out what those glowing earthworms were? I have them in my yard! Your idea about them being good bait is genius.