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Cummings and International are the two biggest diesel engine manufactures and Ford owns Cummings, they don't care if you use bio-diesel or not because its a legal fuel. Total state an fed taxes on a gallon of fuel at the pump is about .45 to .50 cents so this man really had to make a lot more fuel then one man could use to be fined so much as to have to make payments on the fine.
Used veg oil is not bio-diesel and you can buy bio-diesel at some truck stops. There's a few bio-diesel refineries I know are in Indiana and Texas but you get less mpg on that stuff plus it costs about 1.25 times as much as regular diesel. I've tried it in my truck. I also looked into using it on my farm but I couldn't afford it over regular diesel fuel which is now $3.25 a gallon around here for off road fuel. Thats also why cattle feed and everything else made from corn is going sky high, those refineries are buying all the corn crops they can get to make bio-diesel because our gov has people brain washed that bio-diesel is better for the enviroment which it is not.
Ford does not own cummins.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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