Bimini top options, gunnels?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Catfish Pursuit, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Catfish Pursuit

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    I am wanting to get a bimini top for my Crestliner Jon but really don't want to drill into the top of the gunnel rails. Does anyone make a top that fits in the gunnel slots on the inside? Chris
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    warrenton misso
    I had the exact problem! after extensive net searching I could not find anything I liked, so this is what I came up with.
    these are called heavy duty fender bolts they have a 1" flat washer for a head instead of a hexagon bolt head, I also added a 1/2" washer to the inside just to add surface strength. I also had to bend the alum slot open a litle more to get the large flat washer head into the gunnel ,then bent it back once the bolt was in there, These are 5/16" bolts the 1/4" didnt seem good enuf.also these are about 1/2" too long that is why there are many extra washers. held on with a finger knob for easy removal.
    All was found at the hardware store less than $10 in stainless steel too
    hope this helps

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    The main purpose of the gunnel is a platform to mount things including drilling holes other then as a hull stiffener. the thoughtful manufacturers make them flat.
    Lets be totally realistic. It's a boat that lost a ton of it's value the day it was pulled off a lot. Right now it's not worth probally what you think it is.
    It's not a collectable Corvette.

    I wouldn't let a few holes drilled in a gunnel keep me from USING my boat as I wanted to.
    Filling in an unused hole is nothing. Child's play.
    It's just a fishing boat.

    I'll drill one in a heartbeat after I measure twice. It's a fishing platform.
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    You would have to find someone that could make the brackets for you. The problem is that material and the t-bolts are quite expensive and may change your mind as to drill or not to drill.
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    i drilled 6 holes in the side of my boat and mounted a 1x6 to shape the inside of the boat then mount the bimni to that.. long as the holes are less than 3-4 in from the rim you will be fine...make sure you use stainless hardwhere