Bimini cover replacement

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by takirb, May 2, 2009.

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    I opened my bimino top for the first time today and cleaned all the dirt dobber nests. As i was opening it, the cover kept splitting at the seams (where it's stitched around the frame) due to age and sun damage. Anyone know any cheap repairs for this (would duct tape or velcro hold?) or where i could find a replacement cover that will fit my bimini frame? I thought of buying marine fabric and just cutting one to the same dimensions, but i'm still unsure of how to mount it to the frame. Ebay has cheap deals (under $200) but i don't like the framework compared to the stock cover i have now.
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    talk with a local upholstery shop see if they can help u unless u know someone with a heavy duty sewing machine