Bilby Ranch Lake

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    Has anyone ever traveled to the Bilby Ranch Lake? This lake is located 14 miles west of Maryville Missouri on hiway 46.Said it had Channel Cats measuring 22 inches to 25 inches.Very little to say about them exceot to use Dip baits near thr Dam. Mi-ostly full of large mouth bass and Crappie.However,it was stated that the crappie were small.:confused2:
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    North Central, Missouri
    I've been there a couple of times and if memory serves me correctly seen a couple people catfishing it which can't be a bad sign. When I was there I was just out walking around it enjoy the wildlife. Give it a try, it just might be the new hotspot for ya.

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    i used to fish that lake every Thursday evening during the summer until i moved. That lake has a good supply of Channel cats and maybe even some blues. I know for a fact that there are flatheads in there because i have caught many of them. Be careful around the dam because it is mainly a rock bank and the conservation department released a species of rattlesnake out there a few years ago, most of them died in the winter but there still my be some out there. if you have access to a boat, there are five rock piles out there that are great places to fish. The west end of the lake has a lot of brush in it where you can find some cats. The north end of the lake also has some brush but it is pretty shallow. This is a small conservation lake, i think it is around 100 acres in size. You can catch them out there with dip baits, worms, and minnows. I used to catch (or snag) them on bass lures during bass tournaments out there. Good Luck if you decide to venture that way.