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bigpapa15206 and Gone fishin 4 kittys hooked up

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Well I go down to the local dam yesterday, setup and all been there about a half and guess who come down??? Mr. Papa realized it was me and came down to see if i wanted to come up to his spot and get some shad? I was like heck We had a good couple of hours. It was my first time using shad. Phil goes Josh you will either have lost a fish or caught one, within 3 minutes I hit the biggest sheephead I had ever caught. Then i caught a nice bull head. Then Phil hit a 13-15lb channel this is the biggest fish I have ever seen upclose. I'll ley him tell you the story tho.


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Phil I'm heading out know ya thier!
WTG Josh. Sounds like you had a great time. Ain't it cool when someone pulls in a big fish like that channel cat. One day you will catch one that big and maybe even bigger. Glad you had fun, caught some fish and got a chance to use shad for the first time.

great pic's.
Josh looks like ya'll had fun man that is what counts bro.
Good to see a couple of Brothers get together. However, Josh, my 14 year old daughter says you need to be careful with that "hooked up" phrase!
I actually thought that myself!
Sounds like a good trip Josh!
awesome pictures
weve caught some of those drums about that size and they are fun to catch
glad you got to fish with another member josh.
Congrats brother josh on geting to sling the bait with another brother. glad to hear you had fun like brother gator said thats what it's all about.

And yes when i seen the hooked up it did make me wonder alittle. but we all know better.
great. its always fun when a big one is caught. even if your not the one who caught it. rythymroach caught the flathead in my profile pic out of my boat. i got to grag him barehanded and land it. what a trip. glad ya had fun. :cool:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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