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    florence, SC
    whats the biggest salmon you ever caught? mine was 22 lbs caught on lake ontario about 40 miles east of fort niagara small town called lyndonville, its a wonderful place for winter salmon fishing they run up stream to a small manmade waterfall that they cannot usually get up unless water level is really high but they get stuck there and is awesome for fishing
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    SW Ohio
    Back in 94-95', I took my best right near you, in Lake Ontario, up the Niagara river a wys, above the frisrt power plant on the right, drifting real skein on the bottom, weighed just under 32 lbs, was 42.5" and is my largest fish to date. Ive caught several hundred other Chinooks there and in Michigan but none anywhere close to this beast!
    I havent been back there in about 10 years now, pretty cool fishing in the big river there.


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    Kenai, Ala

    The biggest I ever caught was on the Kenia River in Alaska, A king Salmon, it was 62#. I have caught probably another 40 of them 50# to 55#. I know that is cheating but Alaska has some big Kings. I lived up there for 8+ years in the town of Kenai.

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    My biggest Salmon was caught on the Rouge River at Gold Beach Ore. I was trolling the inlet area up from the Jaws as the water flows into the jetty and into the ocean. My first trip there several years ago was spent trolling the last 1 1/2 miles of the river and was trolling a herring on a rouge spinner rig, green is color. The fish was small at 24 lbs, and things were rather tough that year at the beginning of August. The following year, I upped the size to 26 lbs, and some folks got near 40 lbs with some fish....

    Wish I could have done better, but there is a zillion boats there and it is rather tight as everyone is shoulder to shoulder trolling back and forth...

    bayrunner ray
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    In 5 years ago, I caught 10 pound king salmon on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. In early 90s, my dad landed his biggest king salmon was 32 pound same place where I caught it. and He said in past 80s, He caught tons of 10 between 25 pound salmon. But now this place are changing, there's alot 5 to 10 pound salmon.

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    i caught several kings that were around 40lbs when i lived in washington.
    my biggest chum (dog) salmon was around 25
    alot of pinks that were close to 10lbs
    and just one silver that was 12lbs
    2 reds in kenai alaska, they were not very big
    and thousands of kokani all about a pound
    my fav to catch is the pinks(humpys) because they come through in such numbers during odd years in WA