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Biggest Fish on a "Looper Rig"?

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I know that it may have been ask before, but not by me. -LOL :D

What was the Biggest fist you caught on a Looper Rig? :confused:

Bert :cool:
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Just brag Bert because you got a big one. LMAO Biggest I have got is a 9lb Carp, hehehe. Had Hog Wild on it.

Biggest cat was 7 lbs.
Most of what I get are in the 2 to 5lb range.My biggest so far is 18lbs,was using Sonny's and Danny's mixed half/half.
the biggest fish caught was a 11 1/2 lb channel cat fishing a slip float
My biggest on the rig is a 5 lb channel (the treble hook style of course...heh heh)

My largest on a Looper was a 10# channel. Loopers rig baited with Rusty's dip.
Who let Egg in?? LMAO Nice to see ya found your way over Egg.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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