Biggest fish ever?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catseeman, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Iam getting really jealous of reading about everyones big fish stories.

    Where are guys like me with big stories of the ones tha got away?
    I hooked into something one night and it ran down stream, then it swam up stream , then it went across the river and then it came back at me, I knew it would be my new PB and that it was a giant. It nearly jerked the pole into the waater when it took the 5inch bluegill. I grabbed the rod, reared back and set the hook. It just kept on going. Now after all the fighting and running it finally came to the net ,but as it did my hat light went out and i couldn't reach another light or let go of the pole. I heard tremendous splashing and felt the yanks on the line until the 30 lb stren broke. I threw the hat with light on it to the ground and was rewarded with the light coming back on. Don't know what it was except BIG!

    So lets hear your fish stories of the one that got away.

    Include pictures if you want to.
  2. Stainless

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    Ft Smith, AR
    I was fishing beside the dam one night with 20 lb test and I had two fish break my line almost back to back. Well since I had pretty good luck that night I thought I would come back the next night with 50 lb test and pull in anything I hooked. I was wrong. I never seen the fish but it was within 3 yards of me. I fought it for about 30 seconds and then my line went lose. I couldn't believe it. I'm still pretty new to fishing for the big daddies so I took these experiences and learned from them. Don't fight as hard to get them in quick and it's nice to have a buddy there to land the larger fish. When the water goes back up, I'll be ready for them again.

  3. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    Santee, March this year, bait whole shad with just the tail fin cut off. Two 15 lb anchors down. 1300 hours (1:00 pm). Then rod tip bent over and touched the water when I grabbed the rod to set the hook I was almost pulled overboard. I squated down in the boat to keep from going overboard. As the boat slowly started being pulled with the anchors down and 60 lb test with the drag all the way down when agianst all of my best efforts I was spooled and the line finally snapped. I have luckt enough to catch big fish in both salt and freshwater and have never felt power like that I don't know what it was but it was BIG.
  4. bearcat

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    I was fishing below the dam at carlyle lake . I had the usual thump of a hit. Set the hook hard and then the fight was on. Figured it was a big flathead. I had the drag tight on my abu 7000 and my ecat 4 pole was bending like I never seen it. After 5 minutes of no one winning My arms got tired. Obviously the fish was around a big rock because the fish didnt run just pulled. A friend that was with helped hold the rod. You could feel the bigg devil pulling and shaking its head. I was using 80 lb power pro with a 50 lb leader. After about ten minutes it was gone .It just let go to say the least I was very sad. line never gave but it was all two of us could do to keep from geting pulled in.
  5. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    Last January I was drift fishing with my dad. We had our heavy rig set up with a 12 inch carp with 1 side cut off. About 2-3 hours into our trip we had caught several 2-6# blues on shad when the large pole started bending over. I jerked that thing and nailed the fish. After about a 10 minute struggle we got what looked like a 20# bluecat to the boat and as my dad went to net it, it did the classic catfish swirl and the hook popped out. My PB on RnR was still under 10 pounds before that. I havnt hooked into any more mighty fish since but this winter im prepared to do battle.
  6. Believer

    Believer New Member

    Greenwood, AR.
    I've yet to catch a really large fish, but last year while snagging I hit something, (probably a large Asian carp because that's all we'd been snagging that day) It loaded my rod up pretty good & took off down stream. I had the drag set way loose & it was screaming as the line peeled off then all of a sudden, SNAP!!! and it was all over. I was only using 20 lb test line, but like I said the drag was set very light and it still broke it. I wish I could've at least seen it. :crazy:
  7. dcaruthers

    dcaruthers New Member

    Bet that was something. I was fishing a tourney in Santee in 98 and had a warden check us for license. He started a story simular to yours, but is was in about 8 ft of water. He did land his and showed us a picture of a 7ft gator. I'm not old, but if I pull a gator up one day, you all may be reading my obituary.
  8. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Thanks for the stories. lets move back up.
  9. Taliesin

    Taliesin New Member

    Mines not quite as exciting, but maybe a bit more recent.

    02 July 06: Fishing below Truman Dam. 7" drum for bait (earlier reported as shad, but memory was faulty. this was my only drum of the evening). I was using 80# Power Pro with 50# mono leaders to the hook and weight.
    About 2 am my baitclicker goes wild. I pick it up and set the hook. This thing felt like it weighed a ton. Much bigger than the 20# gar I had caught earlier.
    We fight for about 5 minutes and it strips line sometimes, but won't come up off the bottom for love nor money.

    Fish hangs the weight in a rock and immediately breaks off the weight.

    Another 2 minutes of fight and it hangs my hook on a ledge. Never did get the hook off the ledge.
  10. maddcatter

    maddcatter New Member

    Newark, Oh
    I was out at the Ohio gathering earler this year. I had some friends with me, so I decided to fish strictly for flatheads, and help them when they would need it. After about an hour of my 6-7 inch blue gill swimming just off the bank, my rod bent over nice and slow. Once I knew the circle hook was sunk, I picked up the rod and felt th e pure power of this fish. my 50lb power pro, 7' catfish ugly stik and an abu 6500 tccf was not enough to even slow this fish. I had my drag set at a medium level incase a fish nedded to run he could. But after about ten seconds of stripping line, the line broke. I think the line was hung on the corner of a rock when the fish ran.
  11. chrisblue

    chrisblue New Member

    I dont know how true this is but there is supposobly a few tagged sturgeon in the Santee system around 200 to 300 lbs.They have radio tags in em and suppossobly DNR follows them around.So its possible it could have been one of them or you can just be possitive and say it was a world record catfish.
  12. LarryW

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    Abbeville Louisiana
    You are ahead of me all I have gotten lately are little dinks that are too small to even take home to eat. I would just like to hook into something big so I could see what it feels like. My personal best Chanel is just around 6 lbs and have not caught a blue or flat. I keep trying tho
  13. rcneman

    rcneman New Member

    probably my personal best 'one that got away' happened around 20 years ago. i lived over in Cookeville TN and fished center hill off and on. I had befriended a couple guys at the factory i worked at and they were lifelong catfisherman and knew some 'good spots'

    well one time i was out with one of these guys and i was usin my surf-style rod with 40# mono. We always used shrimp back then and fished with our bails open. I had been gettin a constant 3-5 ft run every couple of minutes, but couldn't manage to get the timin right for a hookset...this was way before circle hooks and whatever it was never would go on a 'run'.
    Anyway, i timed it right after a while and set the hook hard and did not move whatever was at the other end. I pulled with all my might and could not budge whatever it was. Eventually i decided i had gotten snagged on a log and the fish had just moved under the log....hangin me up. I kept steady pressure on.."just in case" for a few minutes, then i felt a violent jerkin sensation and my line went limp.

    well that's it

  14. Flatheadhunter33

    Flatheadhunter33 New Member

    Yuma, Arizona

    That there my friend is a heart braking story to any catfishermen.
  15. Scott Daw

    Scott Daw New Member

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    The other year I was out fishing on a bass tracker boat. I had a medium heavy action spinning rod rigged with 20 lb spider wire line hooked to one of them walleye jig heads thats bent so that the bait stands up off the bottom and a stinger hook. To this I had a bluegill fillet I was dragging behind the boat as we were drifting some sand bar drop offs. I had set this rod in a holder while I was using a small rapala countdown for crappies.
    I was well on my way to my limit of crappies as the sun was setting over the lake. The sky was turning different colors from the sunset and there was a slight breeze blowing. after a buck in velvet stepped out of the woods on shore to sip from the lake, my other rod doubles over and the reel is singing...FISH ON!!!
    So I run to the back of the boat to grab my rod and I lay into the fish or so I thought. All I felt was a ton of dead weight. Did I snag a log? I couldnt tell. there was some give but no tugging back. So we fired up the trolling motor to take us back to the snag to try to get unhooked. Im start the usual twanging the line and pulling from different angles to work my hook loose but no dice. so I tighten up that drag and start horsing it up and was getting close to it what I thought was the log rolled over and made a dash for the bottom. It was the largest catfish I've ever seen! the head must have been the size of a soccer ball.
    I dropped to my knees to avoid going overboard cause my drag was locked up tight. as soon as I loosened it, that cat starts going off at a sprint with boat in tow. I fought toe to toe with this fish for 30 minutes when it finally surfaces and rolls over. My forearms are aching. Im shaking from the andrenolin. My friend is looking frantically for the net but left it in the back of his truck. what a putz.
    He drifts the boat in shallow and we figure we'll beach this whale to land it. The boat is in as far as it'll go and we jump into the shallow water trying to drag the monster into shore. Just as I try to grab him...... My alarm clock goes off and it's time to get ready for work!!!!
  16. catseeman

    catseeman New Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Great really had me going on that ne funny lmao. thanks
  17. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    I dont have any good stories like that.

    Every time I go fishing, they take my bait, and get away. LMAO
  18. Fishing Fred

    Fishing Fred New Member

    Lillington, N.C
    Right lately it would be nice to have a small one get away.
  19. Big Sam

    Big Sam Well-Known Member

    Booneville AR
    Iw was at kerr lock and dam in oklahoma fishing with my 14ft fenwick and abu 7700 in the generators..I hooked a big one that started stripping line:crazy: I took off up the trail to the parking lot fighting him down river past the old river bridge (1/4 mile)..I had him almost to the bank with a buddy at the waters edge ready to grab him:smile2: He got a look at the fish and the fish at him..The fish turned and run..stripping line i couldn't stop him that time..It was in july and the temp was over 100 that day..I was bushed,:tounge_out: ,He took out all my 30lb ande and i sat down friend reported he was over a 50lb blue.. I have my personal bigest blue on that same rod and same spot that went 47lbs...I will never forget that fight..It was awsome:big_smile:
  20. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    I was on Kerr lake years ago with one of my brothers drift fishing at night in his bass boat. I was using a 14 foot fenwick with a 7000 reel and 40 lb. ande. At that time that was the only cat rod and reel that I owned and knew very little about fishing at the time or how to set the drag properly on the reel I just had it tightened down for heavy current fishing below the dams. I was holding the pole using a big fillet as bait and all of a sudden one hit it so hard that it jolted my shoulders I could feel the big fish shaking his head back and forth and pulling hard since the drag was so tight he just pulled the boat around for about 10 minutes I never even got him to come up off the bottom and there was no way he was going to break my line so I just hung on and finally the hook just pulled loose and he was gone. Man if I just knew then what Ive learned since But Ive been hooked ever since.