BIGGEST CATFISH? Yes I want You to Brag. Dont rub it in too much!

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    Just wondering what the biggest catfish that you have caught is, where it was caught, what it was caught on, how it was caught, and any other information that would help me and others start to understand how to target these fish. I will take whatever you will give. Don't sell your soul if you don't want to. I just don't understand how to target trophy fish.
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    Culman AL
    Well I didn't get one that big, but when I went to catch my Jugs in the early morning, I couldn't catch one of them.
    As I moved the boat to the Jug, the Jug would take off around the end of the boat.
    What the heck?
    I finally snagged the line with my long Gaff.
    This little guy with big aspirations had two of my hooks. He'd dragged my Brick anchor out into the creek bed and the jug was helping him hold the Brick up off the bottom.
    He was about 12 lbs.
    I mumbled something to his Spirit Gods as I downed him.:smile2:

  3. alton

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    I have caught 3 blues between #50 and #55. All from the banks of the Mississippi around the dam here in Alton, IL. Bait was whatever I caught that day in the castnet and sabiki. Usually skipjack, shad, or stipped bass.
    Rods 12' Okuma Solaris Surf- Reels ABU Pro Rockets-Line #65 Power Pro-Hooks #8 Octopus Circles.
  4. ramon06

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    62LB Blue Cat in my Avatar caught on the Appomattox River in Colonial Heights, Va. In July about 1:30am on fresh Cut Shad in about 18-20ft of Water. Caught from the Bank. Ummm what else 4oz disc shaped sinker, 8/0 Gamakatzu Octopus Circle, 65LB PP (moss Green) 60# Mono Leader, 10ft Penn Captiva CH102H Rod/800 Series Captiva Reel and fishing on the Bottom, incoming tide. Cant remember the temp and cant think of anything else
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  5. CaptainBrad

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    North Dakota
    I caught a 25.9 pound channel in pre-spawn on a cut white sucker. I was fishing the nastiest current I could find off a steep drop that had a snag up to it. 30# Big Cat line, 5oz no-roll sinker on a circle hook.

    Three days later while fishing a similar spot about 100 yards away from the previous spot using my straight line technique and same gear I got a 25.8 pound channel.

    Fast water in the pre-spawn with the gear weighted up correctly can be deadly in terms of numbers and size.

    JEFFRODAMIS Well-Known Member

    biggest r & r was a 15 lb blue on a bass minnow and 17 lb test on a mitchell low profile baitcaster while trying for hybrids..have caught many bigger flats on trot lines but that isnt as fun
  7. rwg

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    My largest flathead was caught on 8lbs test and a bomber A crank bait
    about 1 1/2" long I clicked the trolling motor and got awawy from the bank and 20 min or so later I had a 26lbs flatty, who is still swiming if no one has caught him
  8. loanwizard

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    Biggest was a 72 lb blue cat that I marked on a depth finder, backed up to, anchored, cast out a 15 inch shad and waited on.

    How to target trophy fish- Read articles on here for the species of your choice. Hire a guide in your area if you want to and can afford it. Make friends with successful guys on here and fish with them. Visit bait shops and troll for tactics. Commit to really trying. Get equipment large enough to handle your new passion.

    Live bait or fresh cut bait, Live bait or fresh cut bait, Live bait or fresh cut bait, I cannot say that enough. Big fish eat little fish. If a big fish eats little fish, give him what he is used to which is little fish straight outta the system you wanna find the monster in. He don't want little Caesars if he is used to Domino's.

    Structure. Big fish relate to structure. Structure, by definition is something that breaks the current. Structure can be a tree, a limb, a rock, a curve in the river, a channel edge, a change in current direction, an eddy, an island, a creek entering a river, a point etc..... Big fish are predators that set up ambush points for little fish. Think like a cat. Now, think like a cat underwater. Any place a cat can ambush a little bit of prey they may hide.

    Good luck and welcome to the BOC!
  9. Welder

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    Fishen in fall, deep scour hole with a old snapped off pile line in it on the MO river. 74lb blue 25lb mono, 10 ft rod and surf style spinnen reel 5 ounce bank weight, 2/0 octo J hook rigged carolina style. Bait was fresh bighead carp chunk. Fishing from the boat. I have caught several there goen 50+ lbs. Best advice fish where others dont and trotliners are scared to set due to snagg up city. Then lotsa time on the water to learn patterns. Last learn to think outside the box. That 74 is the blue in my avatar and I have also caught a 65lb flathead.
  10. festus

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    The biggest catfish I ever caught was about 20 something years ago, a blue, and we estimated it at between 38 to 40 pounds. We had been fishing for several hours there from shore with very little luck, and we we weren't going to stay much longer. I wanted to get rid of what nightcrawlers I had, so I strung 4 or 5 of them on probably a size 1/0 hook and cast only about 15' or 20' in front of a culvert with current. As I was packing my gear away, and closing my tackle box, one of my fishing buddies grabbed my rod and handed to me, and I fought the dern fish for several minutes before finally getting it in. It would swim inside the culvert, and I'd have to horse it back out. My buddy went to his car and grabbed a landing net, and flashlight, and finally we got it out of the water. I released it, but kept about a 5 pounder to eat the next day. It's just too bad we didn't have a camera. There was a lot of rip rap in the area, but the water was only 9' to 10' deep, but a channel runs out to the main river, where it's over 40' deep. I have caught a few more cats in this hole, but I don't remember anything much over 7 or 8 pounds. Got my biggest crappie of the year there last spring. It's also a good spot for smallmouth and largemouth.
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    59.66 pound blue. Was the Cooper Lake rod/reel record for a while.
    Heres some pics of it.

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    a 72# flattie in the sabine river on a live 10" carp under a jug and a 7/0 limerick hook.
    also caught a 40# flathead on r&r and a 38#blue on r&r.
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