Biggest catfish ever hooked

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by jason berry, May 16, 2007.

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    I was fishing in the ohio river the other day with 50# pro power line a palomar knot and a a size 10 king kale hook with a pound carp for bait and hooked into the biggest monster of my life and ill never hook one like this again in my life. this might sound like a fish story but its not i would not lie about this i have caught 40# pound flats but only took about 15 minutes to bring in without hogging them in. But I had a fish hooked for an hour an half chasing it up stream with my buddy working the trolling motor even after an hour this fish would take 50 yards every time he got close to the boat in the last 15 minutes of the fight I think he got caught in a submerged trot line. I could only get him to a certain point then my knot broke at the hook and the thread on the palomar was not crossed. I am a very serious person when it comes to fishing and I honestly believe i had state or world record catfish cocky as that might sound. I was in 40 feet of water and he was sticking to the bottom and heading straight up stream and i noticed when he got in that trot line or whatever it was. You cannot understand what it felt like when that line when limp. i never hossed him. its just sad that now this has to be a story instead of having a picture of a catfish the size of me. boys and girl that ohio has fish in there that are massive i have never even heard of what happpened the other night except for that guy that hooked that world record blue.
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    First of all Fish Stories is what we are all about!!! Dont get Discouraged, just remember that spot and fish it like its goin outta style. Perhaps a good suggestion For fishing line would be Cajun Line. User "Mickey" Suggested it to another member before and i use it on all my rigs. Strong line and is available in many Lb Tests, although i can only find 20# test here in Montana. That stuff is great low vis strong line, not suggesting that you did anything wrong though. Man the thrill of that hog in the boat would have been epic. Keep it coming and you'll get him again. Geoff (Night Owl) Cloutier

  3. Pylodictis Olivaris

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    I think we all dream about having the opportunity to fight a fish like that....that is what keeps us going out day in and day out. Its unfortunate that the fight had to end the way it did and I am sure your frustration increases everytime you try to tell the story and you just know that the people you are telling it to can't quite grasp the the realness and pure adrenaline that you were feeling while this was going on....deep down all that matters is what you think you had on the end of that line and the memories that come with it. Hopefully there will be a next time, but from the sincerity of your story, that sounds like a fish of a lifetime that got away! Keep trying!
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    Shoot I believe every word of it..I have been telling people for years that the next record will come out of the Ohio River. You will get him if you keep trying.
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    Sounds like you had a Big Flathead hooked. They are hard to get off bottom. And if you make noise there going back to the bottom fast.
    Good luck and may you get to hook into that one again.
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    That story sure makes me want to keep fishing. I know they are out there. All the big fish can't be in the missouri and mississippi.
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    Jason - I believe you! The Ohio River has some monsters in it. Too bad you didn't get it in for some pics but hey bro you done battle with a monster fish and this time the fish won, maybe next time you come out on top!:cool2:
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    I feel your pain! Been there, done that! :sad2: I've had hold of 3 fish in the Ohio river that I could not do a thing with. I couldn't begin to guess their weights, but I know that they were unbelievably strong. I use some pretty heavy equipment too! ( 9' and 10' Rods, Penn reels, and 80 and 100 lb Power Pro line) If I were you, I'd spool up with 100 lb Power Pro. You will not believe how strong it is! It is by far the strongest line that I've ever used.
    Losing a big fish like that just makes me want to get back out there and keep trying. I know the potential. One day everything will come together, and I'll land one of those monster flatheads......then I'll admire it and set it free.
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    What a great memory you have and that's what will keep you going back for years to come. A couple of years ago a buddy and I were catfishing late one night and Jack hook a huge fish and got it to the boat twice before we got to see it, it was the biggest carp iI have ever seen, couldn't get it in the net and when it took off the last time it broke him off. Jack has past now, but I will always remember that night, it is a highlite in in my mind.
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    Hey Janson over the years Ialso hooked some monsters I wish i would of got in. Here's a question. The river your fishing is there alot of rocks. If so you might want to use mono. The lakes and rivers I fish are mostly rock eviroment. Braid wouldn't last long. Rock and braid don't mix well. You should see some of my 60lb mono leaders. Rocks can do some real damage to your lines.
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    Jason I believe your story.I would guess that you had a big flathead that wanted to stay on bottom.Continue to fish the areas you hooked that fish in. He may return to that hole. You might consider changing to a strong mono. I look forward to one day seeing you post that pic.:lol: :smile2:
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    i kno theres fish out there that are pushing 150-200 pounds. when the wabash was high one weekend here my biology teacher went conoeing up in a flooded marsh. that was connected to the river by a creek. He said when he was in about 4 feet of water he saw a huge shadow go along side his conoe that almost matched the length of his canoe. all he was was the tail splash and it was gone. i do believe him because he sounded nearvous even when he was telling us the story. he never tried to clam what it was, all he said was that it was huge and he didnt imagine it.
  13. stressedcat

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    Since I don't have some big hulking pictures to show I really can't say I know how you feel, however last fall I hooked something from the bank and to get him up out of the main channel of the muddy mo is really difficult, since I fish from the bank. There are tons of rock on the edge of the channel and he pulled the line down between a couple, his tale came up above water once and the rest would have been nice. Trophy, no but my PB, however he is but a dream now and a dream for later. That big boy is waiting for you even now, so got get his bis a## in the boat and send pictures:big_smile: .

    Thanks for sharing a great story

  14. Flatheadhunter33

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    I feel for ya bro! I hope that lightning strikes twice and you hook him or bigger brother some day down the line!
  15. SunburntAgain

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    The biggest fish I ever hooked...... I almost regret that you have conjured up such a painful memory. My buddy and I had sat from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am, with no fish over 5 lbs. Were on the verge of leaving. We decided to move up bank 100 foot and make a final cast before leaving. My buddy thows out the last, once live, bluegill which had died after so many fruitless recasts. Before he could even set the rod back in its holder, it got slammed be a 32 lb blue. We were out of bait and started searching frantically for more. We find an extremely rotten 10 lb carp washed up on the bank, and proceed to cut big fillets and bait up. I throw out a line and BAM land a 38 lb blue. I throw again, 15 lb blue. I throw again, and I hook the biggest fish I have ever felt. Im running 200 yards of 40 lb mono on a 12' surf rod. The fish just took off on a run at full speed like I had never seen outside of snagging spoonbill. He never once stopped peeling drag. I just could not get him turned back toward me. I got down to less than 10 wraps of mono left on my spool, and I had to stop the spool manually and hope I could coax him in my direction. Soon as I stopped the fish..... POP.....broke my line. I got hands down beat by a fish in slack water, im embarrased to call my self a catfisherman.....I know that was a BIG fish. :sad2:

    I am serious about landing big fish also, so I totally feel your pain at being beat like that. I have been legitimately beaten twice by big cats. But look at the bright side, at least you are doing something right to get such a fish hooked in the first place.
  16. JMarrs328

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    I hate losing big fish!!! I have never had a BIG fish like the one you are talking about but my day will come. Good luck, hope you find him again!:cool2:
  17. patric3069

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    Those were some great stories. Now you're all getting coals in your stockings this year! Seriously, I could only dream of catching a fish that size. I'm envious.
  18. Blacky

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    I know that feeling, it's like getting dumped by your girl! Keep your head up and i hope it motivateds you to go back and kick some butt!
  19. Rhinospawn

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    hey bro, I'm with ya there. I've hooked some dandy fish and knew they were big only to have a hr fight end with broken line or fish off. keep trying thou , 1 will swim your way again. I have beeen saying for a few years that the ND record can be broken,. I hooked into and landed a 41" fish last year (record is 33.25 and 38.5") I had it at 2am and nothing to keep it alive in. I measured and pictured but released it to live again. maybe I'll get it again this year and if so, I'm ready this time to keep it alive.

    good fishing. don't give up on the record ... it's still there.


    That is what keeps us fishing, sometimes we win sometimes the fish wins, personally i have lost as many as i have caught because of the flatheads love of downed trees and snags, i too think i have lost a bigger one than the one i caught or at least a stronger one. keep after them.