Biggest buck I never got

Discussion in 'Outdoor Adventures' started by derbycitycatman, Dec 8, 2005.

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    The biggest buck I ever saw is the one in my avatar. LOL So instead of that story Ill tell the story of my first ever deer hunt.

    My grandfather had some land about an hour away, about 150 acres. Its about an hour trip but the weather was horrible. 40mph winds with sleet, rain and snow. I had to pull over 3 times before I ever got there. An hour trip that took 90 minutes. So I finally got down there and my "guide" was just walking out the door, saying he just about gave up on me. The weather hadnt reached there yet but it soon would.

    He showed me to my stand and he took off to his. About an hour later the gunfire starts. One was really close and I heard something running behind me, I turn and look its a nice 8-10 pointer. Hes zigzagging and everything so he was gone before I could even think about getting him in sight. Well after that Im feeling pretty low, Ill never see a buck like that again today. :sad:

    Well now here come the weather. Talk about being cold, with the 40mph winds whipping my tree around and me being scared of heights. Im too afraid to climb down the stand and decide to wait it out. Besides my buddy will come get me if it gets too bad. After about 2 hours it lets up and I hear something directly below my stand. Another nice buck, Well this one is in bow range and I get the worst case of buck fever Ive ever had in my life. My 870 express is shaking all over the place and this buck is staring right at me. Long story short I miss cleanly, no blood or hair.

    I just recently went back to the same county to allow some buddies to hunt a different tract of land. The guy that put me on stand was going to show us around that land which is about 350 acres. Well he has to rag on me about my first hunt. I find out while I was taking a nap on stand between the first and second buck that he was watching me thru binocs from the next ridge. There was a third buck that I hadnt seen had come up under my stand that snorted and pawed the ground under me for a good 10 minutes while I was sleeping. All he could see was my elbows sticking out from the tree and couldnt figure out why I wasnt shooting. He says he still tells that story to everyone and Im known as the sleepy hunter.:roll_eyes:
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