Bigger Bait = Bigger Fish?

Discussion in 'LOCAL TEXAS TALK' started by BlueTx, Mar 16, 2007.

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    As a few of you know, I recently went bankin' in the Timbers on Ray Roberts. I used Danny King's Punch Bait and had a lot of success with the 1-2 lb channels. I'm after something a little bigger and was curious if I could weed through those little fish by throwing something a little bigger out there. Any suggestions on what type of bait and for that matter, what size hook I should be rigging for those bigger cats?
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    I wouldn't go less than 5/0 hooks for over 20 lbs cats. The bigger the cat, the more they tend to feed on fresh natural bait. In Ray Rob, we are mostly talking shad. In general, bigger bait can produce bigger fish but keep in mind the body of water you are fishing.
    Ray Rob is a relatively new lake (around 20 years?), I believe only stocked once with catfish and that was channels. Ray Rob is mainly a bass and crappie lake. Are there some big channels and blues in it? No doubt there are, but for a lake that size, they are few and far between as compared to some of the other north Texas lakes. Point being, at Ray Rob, a channel over 5 lbs is BIG, a blue over 15 lbs is BIG.
    Personally, Id invest in a cast net. It's spring so shad can be found shallow from the bank. I'd try and keep a pole or two rigged with 5/0 hooks with fresh cut shad or bluegill. Keep the punch bait bait on another pole or two to help keep the bite going. Good luck
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