BigFoot Is Out There.

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    I'm a little busy right now. Dont have time to find the BigFoot thread so I'm posting one story here cause a member asked me too a few days ago. I know I have posted this a few times on old site and once on new site. Old members, yall may be tire of it but some might enjoy for first time. LOL.


    Bigfoot is no legion, He is real. Some may joke about him, beware of the unknown.
    I always like the stories and movies about BigFoot. He has been know to roam the area I live in around the Big Cypress Bayou, which comes from the lake I fish. The Bayou whines through the piney woods, down through the big Cypress trees of East Texas, through the most Haunted town in Texas, Jefferson TX. and into mysterious Caddo lake, which is full of all kinds of bumps in the night. Jefferson Texas has a bigFoot feasible every year and if you look up web site on that town and bigFoot, you can read the stories
    of many sighting in Texas. Its been said that when BigFoot comes around, you will know from the unique smell and the sound of his screams , which is like no other animal on earth.

    This leads me to tell the story of my first encounter with BigFoot. One thing I learned from this experience, never assume what you think might be and always be prepared for the worst.

    Warning; Please don't read this if you have nightmares or if you might be a bed wetter. LOL
    It all begin one early spring day. One of my favorite times of the year. I had some business to take care of close to the lake. Afterwards, I decided to check on my lake lot and see what needed to be done to get ready for the up coming fishing and camping season. I got there a couple hours before dark, not really planing on fishing, didn't have any food and only a few cold drinks left in my ice chest. I walked down to the bank to check out the water. Man it was such a nice day, clear skies, no wind, water smooth as glass, bout 68 degree's, woods starting to come alive, my dog was having a good time chasing squirrels and the fish was jumping. I couldn't pass this up. I decided to fish for a while and watch the sunset. I didn't have any bait . I found a grub worm under a log, only bait I had. I cut him up and caught a few bream for catfish bait. What a night it was going to be. Little did I know what was waiting for me in the dark.

    Just a few minutes after wetting a hook, I caught a couple of nice cats. That made me want more. I forgot to bring my lantern and flashlight, so I gathered up some fire wood to start me a nice fire by the bank, so I would have some light, get the chill off me and if any critters came around, I aint seen one yet that wouldn't back off from a burning stick. Bout that time my pole bent over again, bam, another good cat. I baited up again, I was starting to get hungry, had no food, but I wasn't about to leave now.
    I walked back up the trail right before dark to check my camper out for food. I figured something was left over from last years camping. Sure enough, in the far back of one dark cabinet, I found a large can of ranch style beans covered in cob webs, my favorite kind of beans. I wiped off the cob webs and headed back down the trail. As I walked back down the bank to start the fire, heat up beans and enjoy the evening catching cats, I saw my pole
    was bent over again, another big cat. My dog and I was having a good time.

    Dark came, fire was going good, beans was heating and I was catching fish. I was starving. Me and my dog filled our bellies on the beans, when again, I got a bite. Good eater size cat. I baited up again. A little while later, behind me, I heard the scariest sound I ever heard in my life. I smelled something like I have never smelled before. The sound was kind of a muffled long low grunting type sound with a little scream like I've never heard before and that smell in the air was un describable. It raised the hair on the back of my
    neck. My dog stood up, looking at me, hair standing on her back, growling and stepping backwards.

    We was both wondering , what was that!!!!! I didn't see a thing so I continued to fish. I stoked up the fire a little and kept my eyes open. Few minutes later, there was that sound and smell again. This time the sound seem closer, much more aggressive. I started to get worried. Was a perfect night for critters to be roaming. BigFoot had crossed my mind.
    I was thinking, WOW, I've always wanted to see BigFoot, but now was not the time, I was not prepared for it. A weapon and flashlight of some kind would have been handy, for the, just in case he attack.

    All of a sudden my pole bent over again. I reeled in a turtle and threw him into the woods behind me, baited up and wet my hook again. Bout that time, I heard that sound again and the smell was back even stronger than before. Seem to happen every time dog and I moved around, as if something was trying to sneak up on us.. This time the sound was like a wild cat drowning in the lake, sent chills down my spine, made my stomach tie up in knots. I was sure it was BigFoot, maybe feeding on that turtle I threw in the woods and
    wanting some of the fish I was catching. My dog jumped up, hair standing up on her back, she was sneezing as if to rid her nose of that sick smell.
    She looked at me, took off towards the woods. I heard all kinds of bad sounds, screams, growling , while I called for her and that awful smell was in the crisp cool air. I thought for sure she was tangling with bigfoot.

    Little while later she came back as if nothing was wrong. She wasn't hurt and seem to feel a little better. I could still hear a small grumble and the smell was still around. I was getting a little scared cause I had no flashlight and it was a long walk in the dark back up the trail to my camper, where my truck was. I was not sure what might be waiting in the dark. I then got me a long stick, put one end in the fire so if anything came after me are the dog, I could fight it off with a burning stick and also use it for light going back up
    the trail.

    Believe it or not, I was not ready to leave. I baited up one more time. Dog and I was sitting by the fire, where we though we would be safe, while waiting on another bite. After a while, I forgot about the noise and smell of what I thought, might be BigFoot, dog was sleeping by fire. Again my pole bent over, I jumped up, set the hook and the most Awful sound I ever heard in my life came from very close behind me. It sounded like a sick bear, bobcat, a drowning pig in pain, all in one long terrible sounding slow scream. The awful smell was everywhere and the sound was much closer.
    It was time to worry about what was waiting on me. I just knew it was bigfoot. I reeled in my pole very quick, grabbed my burning stick and was ready to defend myself. All of a sudden, another huge rumbling type scream came from no where, right behind me. I must of jumped 10' in air, waving my burning stick around trying to see what the heck was there and then all of a sudden, BOOM!!!!, big explosion all around me. Knock me off my feet, dog was shagging butt back up the trail, tail tuck between legs and yelping all the way.

    I then realized something. never eat an old can of ranch style beans covered in cob webs without looking at the expiration date. The gas I produce, cause the explosion that singe the hair on my head. When I got home with the fish I caught and the upset stomach me and my dog had, my wife made us sleep outside. Tip, Always go fishing/camping with fresh food are you just might have an encounter with BigFoot, bad smells and strange noise's. BigFoot lives. BigFoot was in my stomach. LMAO.

    This was a partly true story. :big_smile: :lol:
    There is a lot of land out there and a lot of sky. BigFoot has been sighted in my area by the records I have read. I have seen some things I couldn't explain on late night drive home from lake on these back wood roads. Even pulled over a few times to relieve myself and something in the woods that just didn't sound right to me. I love sitting outside late at night, on bank or back yard looking at the sky. Seen some weird things that I've never seen before. I like checking out stuff like that. BigFoot, ghost towns etc. Couple things I've seen in sky , if I had my own F16 jet or space shuttle, I would of hop in and check em out. LOL.
    Just cause one hasn't seen something, doesn't mean it dont exist. I believe in God and I've never seen him. Big picture, there is a lot of space out there and a lot of Earth. . I would think life could be elsewhere in our universe and woods are very easy to hide and or get lost in. Something dies, other critters may eat or bury the bones. When I use to hunt and did a lot of woods exploring years ago by hiking and rideing my four wheeler, I ran across several things running away I couldn't tell what it was but it sure look different than most ainmals and seen some strange piles of scat on the ground. LOL.

    Heck the other night I saw a bug on back porch. I've never seen one like it before. Something new all the time.
    I hope those who dont believe in the unknown, dont think outside the box, never gets caught up in something un explainable and is lost on how to handle it. Just dont try to defend yourself without thinking and seeing what ever it is, is going to do, it may be just as scared as you. Dont break and run, wet your pants or poop on yourself, that tends to draw more attention for some reason. LMAO.

    Never know whats out there. I dont under estimate mother nature just cause I haven't had the proof. Enjoy and learn from the unexplained.
    Very exciting stuff. Plus, its fun:big_smile: :lol:
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    ok I admit it you got me. I don't know if Bigfoot exists but I enjoy reading others stories. That my friend was a good one.

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    Yep,you had me on that too.I believe in Bigfoot and UFO's,I'd just like to see them for myself.I have seen UFO's but that was back when I was following the Grateful Dead around...
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    Dano that was the first time I read it brother. I enjoyed it and ya had me going for a second also. LMAO
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    Not only do I think he exist but I think he is hooked up with that SURVIVORMAN dudethat guy is from Canada to alota sightings up there I bet if you check his pack there is a lot of beef jerky in there.
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    naaaa, ya didn't get me. I am thinkin that i need to stay home and work around house, I don't need to go fishin out in the woods by myself! I ain't afeert, I just can't go this weekend. maby next?:embarassed:
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    Great post rep on the way.

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    good story, lol. just think if big-foot had a can of them bean's with you, that would have blown a hole in the ground, lol. i believe in big-foot, i was choosen for some reason to get a look at one in 1983, their for real.
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    Good story and well presented. Rep points for sharing it
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    Glad I wasn't the only one who was had.:lol:
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    Yep had me going too. Great story Dano.
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    Yep, Bigfoot is out there all right, LOL!!! Along with Cheshire Cats, Godzilla, Nessie, VW Sized Catfish, and Elvis (that works at the 7-11 down the road), LMAO!!!!
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    I'm with you brother, none of that stuff exists! :big_smile:
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    Heck im gonna do some lonely night fishing in texas in a couple of days. thanx for freaking me out! lol - i'll be prepared!
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    You never cease to amaze me brother...That was good...
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    you had me going to i believe in big foot and ufos they are out there never seen bigfoot but have seen a ufo.
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    Yeah bud, Ya had me going big time! That was a good one:big_smile: !
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    Thanks, I' m glad ya'll enjoyed it. Its all bout fun and truth mixed together, that keeps us going. That is what a fisherman/lady is about. The big one that got away. :lol:

    Someone else has got to have another sighting . True with maybe some fear in it. I like and believe in that stuff.
    UFO's and BigFoot has got to be a good story.
    Where is Jackie. An old member.
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    Haha, that was a good story, you kinda had my heart racing there for a sec, but then I was about falling out of my chair laughing. But yeah, I think bigfoot could be out there, I mean, it can't just be a hoax because the Native Americans had a name and stories of sighting of it before we even got here with monkey suits haha. And out west where the population is scarce and there's hundreds of thousands of dense mountain forest, there's bound to be something we don't know about. Just think, those large mountain gorillas in Africa weren't even discovered until the last century, people had thought they didn't exist when locals told tales of them. And people have been living in Africa since civilization began.
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    that my friend was funny