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Big Truman Dam Blues - The Bite Is ON!

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Hey folks.

I've been fishing at Truman Dam the last several days and the bigger blues
are starting to bite regularly. I've caught several from 18 lbs to 35lbs and
have seen a few in the 50 lbs range get caught too.

They've been starting to bite at about dusk or when they slow the output
from the dam and continue well after midnight.

Bait is the normal story, freshly caught shad heads.

If you want to hook up and go fishing leave me a PM, I go almost every night.
Remember to bring extra lead and hooks, you'll need them here!
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Hi guys,
Thought I would jump in this thread, we got a place at warsaw in late july, have our camper set up at pecan grove. Nocat2big, how's it going Chris? Haven't played poker the last few times we have been in town so haven't seen you. Let me know how to contact you when I am down there and we can hook up. Bigmagic, I think my wife and I saw you on the water a couple of weeks ago, fishing below drake harbor. I have a red metal flake 89 bass tracker 1800TF with a 110 evinrude on it. Let me know how to contact you also. We made it down for part of the holiday weekend, did real well on the catfish sunday nite. 18#, 10#, two 5# and several 2-3#. Real good eatin. We were fishing a drop off just up from shawnee bend access. Since we are so new we are still learning the area and how to fish for everything that's available. Wife still likes the catfishing best. I hear the best fishing is yet to come this year. Hope to wrestle some of those big fall blue cats. Take care everyone! Boog
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Welcome aboard Boogan1, hope you can make it to our Truman get together in oct.
Well, I've made my reservations to come down to Truman in December. I've heard that's the best time to catch big ones, though it sounds like some folks are doing pretty good right now. Just wondering, are shad easy to get in December?
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