Big Spirit and the Okobojis

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    Big Spirit Lake, Iowa
    Does anyone fish Big Spirit Lake and East and West Lake Okoboji (or any of the surrounding lakes in MN or IA) for Channels? These walleye fishermen are too much for me. There is just so much I can take of hearing "No fish today.. or yesterday.. or the day after..." Then why fish the species if they don't naturally reproduce and are stocked like crazy? Seems a bit boring to me, but perhaps I've become a Cosmopolitan when it comes to catfishing.

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    Its been a few years since I've fished those lakes, we would always fish the "grade" or the bridge on the northern part of East boji and the spillway from Spirit on the Northern tip of East Boji.

    When never pulled any monsters out of there, but plenty of eaters and bullheads.

    Hope that helps.