Big River Trotlines

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    Original posted by Matt H Donnell(Stfranwan) on February 28, 2004

    Big River Trotlines

    The serious Big River Trotliner knows putting out plenty of hooks is a lot of work. I have put together a quick and easy system that makes putting out hundreds of hooks a snap.

    Supplies Needed:
    1 extension cord reel
    2000' of the Twine of your choice ( I use #36)
    100's of hooks directly on Swivels
    Tail Weight

    Step One: Step one is done at home before you ever get to the big river. Take you roll of twine and head out across the back yard making up your drops. I space mine out every four foot.

    Step Two: Take your extension cord reel and simply wind up all the twine onto the reel.

    Step Three: Take your hooks and bend out the eyes and put the swivel eye in the opened eye of the hook. And close the eye of the hook shut around the eye of the swivel. This is a time consuming process but will make life alot easier on the big river.

    Step Four: Gather up your tail weights. Heavy enough to keep your line anchored in the mighty current of the big river. Take your desired amount of rope (to meet the water depth in your fishing area) and tie the rope to your weight and wrap the rope around the weight.

    Step Five: Step five takes place on the river. simply find your desired location and tie the end of your twine to a snag,limb, or bush. And take off motoring backward until you have a desired amount of drops out.

    Step Six: On the last drop of your unrolled twine tie your tial weight rope to it. unroll the rope while slowly motoring backward until tight and Drop! the tail weight in to the big river.

    Step Seven: Go back to your starting point and begin putting your already made up swivel hooks onto your already made up drops. Bait now or wait till dark. And your fishing on a big river with A Big River Trotline..........