big river report

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    Big River report
    Was out on big river may30-2jun doing limb lines trot lines witha couple jugs. All I can say is catfishing is hot right now on the big. Fri night before the storm we bagged 10 channells all between 3-10pounds. Sat mourning landed 4 more from the lines we set on Fri night. Sat after noon is when the fun started, went to set more lines checked 1 of my lines from last night that looked to be moving pulled it up and what do you know a 40-50pound flathead. I let go of the line went back to the cabin to get the net came back and the fight was on. Fighting a 50pound flathead on a limb line in a canoe I tell you there is no better rush. I was also using my truck battery on the trolling motor so if I would have tipt that canoe bye bye tackle box and 80 bucks for a new batt. The fun lasted for about 30 sec needless to say I had over half of him in the canoe before it was his time to show whos boss. A couple big tail flaps and he got off the hook he almost landed in the canoe the fish then smiled at me flopped back into the river. Caught several more small flatheads and nice size channells till monday all fish caught on goldfish bluegills and minnows with goldfish taking top bait honors. After cleaning a couple fish I noticed some had eggs so probabbly only couple more weeks till spawn. Good luck

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    Thanks for the report Dustin, keep us updated, I personelly havent fished the big river in the last 20 years, lol