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    Ok here we go
    I normally dont post reports, I just come here on the website and pick your brains without you knowing it. I think I might be on to something here so I wanted to let you all know. I was out running limb lines and trot lines this weekend on the Big River down by House Springs. I had luck not good not bad caught 10 all between 1-6 pounds. When I was fishing big river on the weekend of May 19 8 out of my 15 fish all where filled up with eggs. I cut up the 10 this weekend and no eggs so Im thinking either I got all males which I dont know how to tell the sex, are I got a mix bag and and the females no longer have eggs. I dont know what this means but I think it means that spawn is running to an end on the Big River. Im sure the other Rivers and lakes have diffrent cycles but I sure hope fishing picks up soon.

    Tight Lines
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    Well we know one thing for sure, those particular fish won't be spawning or ever spawn again... :confused2:

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    Fish like he cleaned are a dime a dozen. Those are the perfect eaters. It's better to eat a few of those than one big fish the way I see it.
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    Yup! My personal rule is to release all catfish over 10 pounds...if I keep any at all which is rare. But every now and then I get a hankering for a fish fry and I don't think it hurts a thing to keep a few of those little ones.
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    Neither of the fish I caught Saturday night looked to be carrying eggs, so either they were both males or they had already laid their eggs.....and no I didn't cut them open to see, I took a look at their bellies and seen no signs of either of them being pregnant before returning them to the river unharmed.
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    Thanks for the report Dustin.

    The only way I know how to tell most fish apart (except for some species of salmon which look different in the head and shoulders during the spawn) is to cut them open during the spawn and look at the insides. Males have two long thin membranes in them filled with milky fluid called "milt". Females have the same looking membranes, just larger, filled with small round eggs. The fish have spawned out if you did not see bags of milt or eggs inside

    Note: while "milk-like" in many ways, milt it is not milk. The letters are similar, but be careful not to be fooled. Real milk comes from lady cows, not sex-crazed man-fish. And for Heaven's sake... don't drink it. That's just wrong, and gross.

    They say that smaller rivers spawn out faster than big water. I would say that 2 to 3 weeks from now, this horrible dry-spell will be over in the Miss river. The fish will be spawned out, filled with a deep sense of accomplishment, with plenty of phone numbers in thier blackberrys, and ready to eat shad heads with 12/0 circle hooks hidden in them.

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    I like all information re what fish are doing.


    I could see the fish "pairing" in holes in the river bottom with side image sonar at 69 degree.

    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times]Genital Examination[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times]Turn the fish belly up. Two or three openings are present. The opening nearest the head is the anus. The one nearest the tail is the genital opening.[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times]Males: The genital opening is at the end of a fleshy, nipple-like structure. This is called the genital papilla. It becomes swollen and rigid as spawning time approaches. Select the most robust males with a well-defined papilla, a large head, and dark color.[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times]Females: The genital area is oval and flat. There are two openings separated by a small flap of skin. A slit or groove is located at the head end of the genital area. The urinary opening is located at the tail end of the genital area. The genital area becomes swollen and reddish in color as spawning time approaches.[/FONT]​