big pee dee 6-21-08

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    finally got a chance to get back on the water after about 4 weeks. we put in at Dunhams Bluff and started fishing @ around 9 am and quit at about 3 pm. caught one about 4" long on stank bait and about 10 minutes later i put a live bream on and it sat there about 10 seconds and my rod loaded up hard, and i finally got it out of the holder and could have swore it was a great ole biggun, but i got him to the boat and it was a 8lb blue. he pulled so hard i think he's been down there lifting weights. that is the first time i have ever caught a blue on a live bream. but i guess anything can happen, like at the last catmasters tournament there were some channels caught on live bream. we ended up picking up a few more around 5 lbs here and there and finally ended up keeping 4 and cooked us up a stew w/ baked beans and some hog jaws. all the fish we caught were blues, and the gars were killing us. we would reel up the rods to move to a different hole and the cut bream we had on looked like you took a chainsaw to it. we caught fish on live bream, cut bream and cut eel. had so much fun yesterday, i started to go back last night. :tounge_out:
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    Good job Brian glad to see you got back on the river again.