Big Pee Dee 5-14-09

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    Hit the river again to try out some bream and catfish and to show a new comer to catfish the ins and outs of the river. We put in at Duhnams Bluff and started out bream fishing in Ballon lake and it was very slow but we did catch about 9 really big bream in about an 1.5 hours so we decided to try the cats for a while. Man we should have been catfishing the whole day. The flathead bite was on fire. From 9am-1pm we put 7 flatheads from 7lbs-14.5lbs in the boat and 1 5lb blue. We caught them on live bream, cut bream, and cut eel they pretty much ate anything we threw out there. Got run off the water for about 1.5 hours for a trencial downpour and then we rode around for about another hour showing him some other lakes and good catfish spots. Got back to the landing about 15 minutes before I needed to take out and decided to try a hole beside the landing and had a double on but 1 got us hung and 1 came unglued. Great day all except the mosquitos and no mosquito repallant at all. Took the boat out about 4:15pm and I headed to the Little Pee Dee river to fish with swamprat and raceinrodes and man these guys are wild. Had a great time as they took me on a tour of the LPD at about 60mph in 6ft of water in Russels boat. Fished for bait and it was a snap to put some bream in the livewell real quick. The catfish feed during the day so the bite didnt happen for us that evening but I learned ALOT about the river and look foward to trying it again. Thanks for having me out and showing me around guys.:big_smile:
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    james glad to have ya on LPD maybe 1 day i will catch one off that river. 60 mph 6ft water and the 1 sandbar it was all fun u cant get know where unless u skin it back "team skintback" hope 2 fish w u again soon.


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    james whenever u get ready to go again just let us know ive had better luck down there in about july when its 80 degrees at night. we'll get on em down there soon. the only other thing that russells boat needs is about a 100 shot of nitrous and we'll really be skint back!