Big Pee Dee 1/1/1/2

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    Me and Peg fished ALL night last night downstream from the Society Hill landing. At our first drop, I hung probably as big of a fish as I have had on all year. He was coming in good, snapping structure as he came up. Just when I thought he was about through the structure, he got hung up for good. Very disappointing, but hey, that's fishin'! :smile2: That was right after dark and I thought this was going to be our night. How wrong I was. It was about 3 a.m. before we got another bite, and I finally caught a small 3 pound flattie. We battled vegetation fouling the lines all night long. Next thing we knew it was nearly daylight, and we finally wised up and left. Man time FLIES when you are on the river! I think we had only three bites all night long. What a trip. The good thing is that we got back safe and did not tear anything up. I think I am going to work the rest of the week and let the river stabilize from all the high water. Need to save some money for the BOC gathering in two weeks anyhow. Might try 'em again this weekend.
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    That sucks you didnt catch that fish. Maybe next time.