Big one snapped my line

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  1. 32#fishnamedjoe

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    Finally i catch some fish on the ohio couple of small channel and 1 gar about 3 feet about 2:00 in the morning i get a real nice hit i set the hook and my drag starts screaming and i was being pulled toward the water and then my line snapped,sounded like a 22 shot,almost though i'm getting a bigger reel with some 50 lb test cause 20 lb did'nt cut it for the big one:sad2:
  2. PhillyCatcatcher4

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    You might want to try some braid. Good Luck your next time out.:0a23:

  3. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    If your line snapped, while the fish was pulling you towards the water, you had your drag set too darn tight. I don't see how you can blame the line for something clearly your fault. You may want to go to the library and read the articles on how to set your should have been able to handle at least a 55 to 60 lb fish with 20lb test...
  4. dusky

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    i like spiderstealth 65lb. if you use mono, make sure it's touted as abrasion resistant. i wonder if the gar nicked your line. i've had gar cut clean even my spiderstealth. and blues have some pretty raspy teeth that after a few fights are sure to take a toll on your hook's knot. retie often. and check for frayed braids or nicked mono. i've considered putting steel leaders to my hooks when fishing the ohio.
  5. Larry Beever

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    Indianapolis Indiana
    Hi Joe, well we all live and learn from our
    experiances. I had something similar happen to me
    in June.I was fishing at Eagle Creek and had just
    bought a new Zebco 733 with 20# test line on it.
    I was using a blue gill head. I laid the pole down and was baiting my next pole when all at once I
    got that classic slow but steady catfish pull. I
    pulled to set the hook and I had him! At first I
    wondered if it was a turtle because all I could
    feel was like a dead weight.But it was moving slowly. I thought to myself that if this was a
    snapper he had to be a world's record! I caught a
    lot of big snappers in the past and just felt that
    it was'nt likely. so I lightened up my drag when
    suddenly the fish began to run to deeper water.
    My drag was screaming! I was freaking out.I know
    that it was the biggest thing I'd ever hooked.I
    tried again to lighten the drag even more. But
    it was like the fish whent into overdrive. I
    believe at that point that my line bound up in
    the reel when all of a sudden I heard the line snap very loudly at my reel.I could have cried, I could'nt believe I had lost it.I'm much more carefull now.But I understand your heartbreak.I'm
    just waiting for a rematch.I'm sure it's gonna happen one day and when it dose happen I'll be
    posting about it here!

    Don't give up! I know you won't.
  6. catstalker459

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    state line city, indiana
    i know what ya mean about thinking it is the lines fualt same scenario here, heres a little tip for u.

    I use cajun red 40lb test. now say i hooked the same fish u did, the drag is screaming u are pulling back on the rod and its bent over, where is your weakest point, its the line no matter how big of a fish u have on if your drag is too tight and wont let at least a little line out then its a tug of war every time and that fish will beat you every time as well. no matter how heavy or light the line is u have to be working the drag. im not sure what rod reel combo u have but i can assure u with the drag running right ur 20lb line can handle a 60 or even 75 -80lb fish if u set ur drag. i suggest from what you have told us, is to turn your drag loose a full turn and a half to start. please please please, dont re-spool, slow down a little and play with your drag a little and then if u are still breaking line then try something else i hate for you to wast your good line for a heavier test when in all reality u are just fine with what you have. also if your line is more than 2yrs old i would suggest changing it as well, but also if u have rocks or whatever then mono is best i have went thru alot of braided line on abrasive surfaces and found cajun red holds up best under these conditions.

    what setup do u have ? rod reel and all i think u are on the money with your tackle just play that drag a lot looser and see what happens trust me u will be amazed:wink:
  7. odiebigcat

    odiebigcat New Member

    try a new line or set your drag a little looser at first
  8. young catfisherman

    young catfisherman New Member

    sorry to hear that that stinks when that happenns
  9. Coyote1

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    Gentlemen, I must be reading something WRONG here because if my drag is "Screaming" that means to me that it's coming off of my reel in a great big HURRY!
    Rather that just come out and say "YOUR WRONG" as some have done, I certainly would take a look at the more probable culprit, which is that needle toothed gar among other things!
    Also, many new folks, that are trying to be serious Catfishermen/Catfishermen, don't know to check their line and hooks after every cast if they have not been able to ask, or read posts in the archives! Think back to when you yourselves did NOT know all the answers, and most of us still don't! Think how grateful you was to be able to ask questions and Know that you won't be condemned or called a "dummy" in some ways!
    I guess what I am saying is Let's have a bit more compassion, especially with the newer members, in some of our answers and THINK TWICE, THREE TIMES if Necessary! And then Type Only Once!
    I think I've said enough for now.
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  10. Arkansascatman777

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    Sounds like you had a good trip. Thats catfishing, sometimes you win the battle and sometimes you don't. The main thing is to learn from your experieces. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction.
  11. Catpaw

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    Central Cail
    Drag set to tight = Snapped line !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. typer181

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    I always get made fun of for using too heavy of tackle, but I have NEVER (knock on wood) lost a big one due to a lack of strength of my line (85lb Power Pro).
  13. Skipjack

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    LaGrange, Ky.
    I feel your pain, Bro! This has happened to me also. There are so many variables. Big reels, big rods, and big line will sure move the odds in your direction.
  14. 32#fishnamedjoe

    32#fishnamedjoe New Member

    I think i got the drag settin down now it's a heck of a lot easier to tighten it after you've hooked em. caught some nice blues at Brookville lake, nothing over 11 Lbs but they were nice fighters with a loose drag set. Caught quite a few too. still lookin for that 32-50 lb flathead, I know he's out there Somewhere. Maybe i'll get em when i get me a boat:smile2: