Big 'ole Bass!!!

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Patmansc, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Last week I went to a local lake to catch some gills for bait, I catch 'em off of the pier with a little piece of worm and a #4 aberdeen hook. While i was reeling of of those little suckers in, this giant bass shoots out from under the pier and eats 'im!! I tried to set the hook, but the bass just spit it out after a few seconds :confused2: As all I had was my ultra-lite, I came back the next morning with a larger rod. Caught another small gill right away and tail hooked it on a 4/0 Matzuo Sickle hook. Tossed it back out and was lettin' it swim around the bottom when it felt like he got hung-up. SO I tried to free it up, and this giant bass (he was so big he looked like a grouper) jumps out of the water in front of me and throws the hook :embarassed: I tried for a while longer to entice him with another gill, but guess he was full. I haven't yet had a chance to go back, but I will in a day or so, and I"m gonna get that guy (I think that he was laughing at me) :eek:oooh: Bet he weighs at least 10 pounds if he's an ounce!
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    I know this is a catfish site but on occasion I like to Bass fishing early in the am and when I am back in Texas I say GOOD LUCK a ten lb bass is a great catch and don't come around everyday for the average fiherman.

  3. breadboy

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    Yeah, I used to fish large shiners I caught fishing for bait with my ultra-light and use them for bait. Caught em bass up to 10 pounds. The one in my avatar, around #10, was caught on a live, wild shiner. One tip, I let them run about 10 feet before I set the hook (forgot whether I used circle hooks or not, think I used Gamagatsu Octopus hooks). With those big bassies I had a bass hooked 8 out of 10 times (didn't say I landed them :lol: ). They are very smart. Have caught them on live bluegills too, but it is 50/50 either a bass or a catfish. Not saying thats a bad thing though :smile2: . All we have in the lake I frequent the most is channels though, not nice sized blues.
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    That sounds like one big fish brother, good luck catching him. Imagine the catfish you can catch with a 10# Ba$$ as bait!!
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    Now think bout the catfish you can get with that bass!

    D'oh! Beat me to it tvg.
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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Can you imagine the catfish you will catch with a 10lb bait.
  7. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I've caught some nice largemouth and smallmouth bass on live bluegills under a bobber.
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    good luck man... any luck hit us up with some pics. id love to see it
  9. Taliesin

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    In one local lake I have done a lot of catfishing without catching one cat. Almost always used whole, live bluegill for bait. Caught a LOT of bass on those though. A lot of fun.
  10. barbel

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    In my creek while I fish for BIG channel cats with live sunfish, the bass seem to take a real liking to them just like you talk about. I normally catch 3 bass to 1 catfish, and they almost always swallow the hook :crazy: Drives me nuts. Good fun to catch though.
  11. blindfly69

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    good luck gettin him brother.....and i guess its time for me to admit it.....from time to time.....i enjoy catching a bass or too.....