big ol gar

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    i had a friend of mine come up to me the other day that i go fishing with every once in a while, he told me about some guys that went gar fishing and got a hold of this huge gar, in order to get the thing to shore they had to shoot it with a 45. and a 22. i dont know where the fish was caught or who caught it i tried looking online and really couldn't find anything except this picture i found. the fish looks like it was shot. i found the image in yahoo images under alligator gar. I just want to know if yall heard anything about this or if this is just a hoax. i posted this same thread it gar fishing so i cant put the picture in this thread i will put it in my albums or you can look it up online let me know what yall think brothers:smile2:
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    Thanks for posting, but wheres the pic. Got my curiousity up!!

    Ooops! Never mind! I am a dumbarse!! LOL