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Big O.,,, 5-30-10

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My two oldest grandsons came down last night and brought bait. A bucket of Gills,Warmouth,Green Sunfish and a few large Creek Chubs. We fished the Gallipolis Pool. Was a slow night bite wise. I think I had like 3 short runs, no hook ups. The older g-son had 1 run with 1 hookup, a 3-4 lb Shovlehead. The other G-son had like 2 short runs with no hookups. Still had a great time.
Last July I was fishing the same spot and a blue/white Starcraft crowded between my boat and the shoreline. Well last night we had a BassTracker with 2 AH's do the exact same thing. Last tnight it really pissed me off because they achored right in the area the one g-son was casting to... It is sad that people are getting so rude on the water.
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Sorry about the trouble you had with the boat. There is only one good thing about what happened to you. You could take what happened and teach your grandchilds how not to be and how they should respect other fisherman. Kid will do what they are shown. But I would have been spitting mad myself. Hopefully Carma will get those guys back.
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