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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Monsterkat11, May 21, 2007.

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    a few weeks ago i was bored and figured hey, why not. i entered a poem in a contest on and they sent me a letter today telling me i was in the semi finals and they also want to publish and print my poem in their new poetry book. i get two pages one page with poem and the other with a biography. i'm actually pretty proud of myself!

    here's the poem if you'd like to read it.

    i am a prospect. this is my path.

    I have walked through the depths of hell
    And watched as sinners burned
    I have wondered for years to find my way
    And never the courage to see I've learned
    Left over ashes drift across my being
    And haunt my every step
    The ground is cold with secrets unspoken
    As memories forever kept
    The air is dry and hard to breath
    Walls bleed with passion that will never leave
    As I walk I study every line
    To find my way back to what I've left behind
    I have found myself in a place where I am alone
    The damnation eats at what I have become
    This is where I belong
    This is what I've known
    Still I push forward on a quest for empty hope
    These surroundings are ever changing
    And more pathetic as I go
    Save me from where I am
    Or i will walk on, as far as I can
    Pity has lost its meaning
    And love has lost its touch
    This continuous path of betrayal
    Has never seemed too much
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    nice work man... But the same thing happened to me a few years ago. i submitted a poem that actually took 1st in a state wide contest. a few weeks later they sent me a letter like yours. then a lil while later they sent me another letter asking if i wanted to buy the coffee table book it would be published in. a whole lotta fine print later and i came to find out that if i didnt buy the book for about 40 $ i wouldnt advance in the online contest and it wouldnt be published. catch is: they already had the poem. i dunno dude i got a bad feelin about it and backed out. who knows i might just be cheap or stingy or somethin' but, i'd be careful. great stuff you wrote though.

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    GC, OHIO
    Congrats and good luck buddy.