Big hooks straighten out!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by jstall, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Straighten out hooks on your trotlines. I know you have had a big stainless straighten out once in your life. What is your theory of what straightened them out? Big catfish, blue, opp, gar or maybe turtle, what do you think?
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    Finally, soemthing I can answer, well, besides the obvious " a big blue or flathead, left on a line long enough will straighten out a hook answer these fish are incredibly strong in the water, we have had fish that have taken our trot lines with 10 lbs of weight on the end of the line and make strong runs with the line up river dragging the weight, in my experience I have also found only because I haev seen this when I pulled up our line tht a large half sumbmerge tree in jsut a moderate amount of current if your hook snags it while it flots by it will also straighten out a hook, when we pulled up our line the hook was barely in the tree and straightend about three quarters the way out. my biggest fish to date is a 55 lb blue on my trot lines, I have been told by some old timers that if you have swivels on your tortlines, it keeps the big fish from being able to make hard runs that straighten out your hooks because it forces them to spin and loose momentum, dont know if this is true, but all my lines since I have put large barrel swivels on them with the exception of that log have kept the hooks in good condition and havent had any straighten out, of course thats not saying I have had any monsterous fish on them either, also, some guys back home use the 2 of the heavy duty black bungy tie downs on their lines, and these guy s catch a lot of large fish, and I know they dont have any problems with their hooks being straightened out. Of course they are using 10/0 and 11/0 hooks, and targeting those huge cats our on the missouri river . Hope this helps

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    Years ago we fished Ginger Bay, KY Lake with limb lines on the side twards the back. I had a problem with hooks being straightened and lines being cut. I started using sevenstrand steel leaders. Well to make a long story short, we started catching big snappers. I mean big, like shells 2' - 2 1/2' across. Heck I was not even going to try and save/retrieve my hook from thier jaws. So I ended up cutting the leaders with a pair of side cutters and letting them go.

    Logs and such can straighten hooks in current, where we were there is no current. lol As a side note, it got to be a joke as we would check the lines every 2 hours. I can't tell you the amount of lines that I just pulled in a head. Some snapper had got the body of the fish. I'm talking heads that were 4" - 8" across. Those 3-8 lb fish or so. It got to be a joke as how many fish I got and how many heads. You might think I'm joking but I'm not.

    I want to camp there again this year. Great place to run lines.
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    Remind me never to Noodle in that body of water.