Big hooks..10/0 and 11/0 Catch that Trophy cat of a life time.

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    Heres the price's The prices are
    2 pack $2.59 Comes to $1.295 each. Plus shipping is $1.75
    5 pack $5.45 comes to $1.09 each plus $2.35 Shipping.
    10 pack $10.20 each is $1.02 Plus shipping is $2.99

    2 pack is $3.98 Shipping is $1.75
    5 pack is $8.95 Shipping is $2.65
    10 pack is $16.90 Shipping is $2.99
    To order send me an E-Mail to
    With the amount you want with the price. I will send you a request through paypal. Send the request back with the cash through paypal. Or print the request out. And mail it to me with the money order or check.
    Wild Wolf Products
    684 East Elzie Pounds Road
    Stantonville TN 38379

    Theres a limited number on the 11/0's so when there gone. It will take 3 to 5 days to fill the orders after I run out.
    On the 10/0's I think I have enough of them to fill all orders .