Big Hill Lake

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  1. big train

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    This is not a real big lake but is pretty deep and full of shad. Wondering if there is a reason fish and game doesnt stock it with blues. Seems to me it could be a good lake for them. Thought someone might know.
  2. Katatonik

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    Ogden, Kansas,
    KDWP generally doesn't take a crap without having a plan after heavy
    deliberation. If you would like to know their tortured decision making
    process on stocking Big Hill, just go to the site and poke around a little.
    I think they actually like getting emails from sportsmen about stocking
    options. Beats trying to eradicate some strange new lifeform just dumped
    in the lake by a well meaning fellah that would like to catch toadfish
    three or so years down the road. If they aint there, there is a reason.
    Could just be that they wanted a control lake for comparison. They
    think like that. Statistics and electroshocking. Graphs and charts.

  3. jwk227

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    big hill is operated by the corps of engineers so I don't know if KDWP has anything to do with it.