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Sounds good, lets get this section up and running Big George. We have got to talk about the Dolphins and not about the Rams this year. LMAO
LMAO Netman I think you have had too much beer this morning posting that. LMAO
Southernraised84: Feel free to jump in on this thread whenever possible. Big Phin fan here, like the way you think. LMAO
I may be able to squeeze another one in. PM me all the info.
Alright, lets get ready for some football. Can't wait until tomorrow night rolls around.
And they said it couldn't be done this year. How about those Dolphins!!!
In case you did not know there was a law passed in 1973?? that will not allow the NFL to broadcast any game on Friday or Saturdays during the High School or College season so it does not take away from them. I did not know myself until Sirius was talking about it Friday on the NFL network. The only way to get the game in any shape or form was to be in the Miami or KC area or have Sirius radio. It is allowed to be broadcast over the radio. Learn something new every day.
1 - 7 of 338 Posts
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