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Discussion in 'Gar Fishing' started by captain5214, May 19, 2006.

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    ive been fishing a ox bow in the intercoatsal waterway for cats, been doing good and this spot has produced cats in the teens and twentys. but you ought to see them freaking big gars! i am talking in the 100 lb range for sure. i want to try to catch one on rod and reel. tell me how, please.............thanks in advance.......charlie r
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    o o o o o o i know! i watched this on theone fishing/hunting show on oln and i watched them get a 156 pounder. ok here we go.

    1.) get heavy medium/heavy saltwater gear
    2.) use 50 to 80 pound braid test
    3.) then use a 4 foot 50 pound leader or more (depending on how big)
    4.) after that your gear is set. your in shape i hope cuz this will take a good hour portion just to let you know.
    5.) catch mainly a good big fish like a 5 to 8 pound hunk of carp
    6.) depending on depth, fish at the middle of your total depth
    7.) use a very large hook and a big sinker ( 3 to 6 ounces ) then use a very big bobber
    8.) make your bait bleed slightly, dont want it to die out of bleeding
    9.) when the fish takes it, let it eat the bait until you know it ate all of the bait
    10.) set the hook when you feel the time is right and hold on for dear god

    HAPPY FISHING FRIEND. im already done gar fishing for the year. i fished when they were coming upstream and i snagged em with 30 pound mono and my biggest was a 28 incher! nothing special but BOY WAS HE BIG

    hope you catch those 100 pounders. all i ask of you is to send some pictures of your catch in a private message!

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    The biggest I have seen is like a 15 lber.