Big flathead and blue catfish?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by SkiMax, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. SkiMax

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    I have been wondering about this, we do alot of flathead fishing but my two biggest flatheads have come from deep water (over 40 feet) in swifter water when we are hammering schools of blues. anybody else noticed this? i was wondering if maybe the bigger flatheads swim with blues, or maybe it's just a coincidence...
  2. vlparrish

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    Yep, Max, all my biggest flats were in that hole at arnolds. I have only caught one flathead, my pb from 20 feet of water. The others were in 40+. Vern

  3. ka_c4_boom

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    heres my thoughts on this its a chain of how fish feed ,shad and other bait fish will stick close together safety in numbers , skipjacks feed on shad , gar on them and shad , channel cats come to clean up the mess , blues move in to feed on the larger bait fish that out swam the gar and channels and will feed on the smaller channels and scraps that were left over , flatheads move in to feed on the bait fish and smaller blues and channels that cant out swim them
  4. s_man

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    One other thought, the current might not be as strong right on the bottom, flats don't usually go for swift current, maybe there are logs or other curent breaks down there. Or they have learned that the blues will come in and kill the shad and when they settle to the bottom thats an easy meal. Seems like you got yourself the makings for a good experiment next year. Find blues feeding on shad, see if there are flats under them. Fish the same areas when there are no shad or blues on the screen and see if the flats are still there. I love finding out (why) I'm catching fish where I do. I feel its part of the process to becoming a better fisherman.
  5. bigbadaaron

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    keep fishing deep water
  6. kat in the hat

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    I've seen big flatheads working the rip rap in very swift current. When they are feeding, I don't think current bothers them. They will be where the food is like all preditors. Large blues, and flats are both predators, so as they may not necessarily hang out together, it's very likely to find them at the same place at the same time due to common
  7. slimcat

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    flatheads use whatever comes easy to them. water depth does not matter, find the right current and cover and normally you will find flatheads. I have seen flatheads out of really deep water and also caught them from shallow water as well. learn your fish and its habits, the time of year, baitfish and habits are key to catching any fish.
  8. poisonpits

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    blues are there to feed on shad.flats are there to feed on shad and blues or buffalo or carp or croppie or o yea that to.